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Peace on the Road: 5 Things Every Bicycle Enthusiast Needs

Posted on January 21, 2017 by Lizzie Weakley

Peace on the Road 5 Things Every Bicycle Enthusiast NeedsWhether traveling through city or countryside, on a daily commute or across the country, every bike trip can use a little extra gear to make the trip that much easier. Everything from action cameras to active wear will keep your bike trip convenient and exciting.


If you cycle to the store or around town, panniers are invaluable. These packs attach directly to the bicycle, making it easy to store items and ride without directly feeling an extra burden. Whether you’d like to pick up milk and groceries or transport light gear on a longer trip, panniers make transportation a piece of cake.

Active wear

Comfortable, athletic clothing can make the difference between an easy bike ride and an uncomfortable slog through the city. Moisture-wicking clothing, form-fitting shirts, and comfortable athletic shoes are just a few of the many necessities for the well-traveled cyclist. Companies like DHDWear provide stylish graphic tees provide a great example of bike-related clothing that fits in and looks great in non-athletic settings.


Nighttime safety measures are vitally important, but that doesn’t mean they’re a hassle. With reflective safety clothes and discreet-yet-noticeable flashing LEDs, you can be sure to stay safe when cycling in the dark. Headlights, taillights, and safety vests will increase visibility without much effort, giving you the power to explore the world when drivers have a harder time noticing cyclists.

Phone Mounts

A phone mount provides convenient access to your smartphone while on the road. Whether navigating a new place or simply monitoring your route, a phone mount will let you check your map and notifications easily when you come to a stop. With a GPS-enabled smartphone or other device directly within view, cycling becomes all the more interesting and convenient.

Action Cameras

If you cycle often, an action camera is an absolute must. From GoPros to SJCams, action cameras will help you capture exciting stunts and fun memories. While some cyclists prefer to head-mount their cameras, others attach the device directly to the bike. In any case, be sure to look for an action camera that is both durable and waterproof, as you never know where your cycling will take you.

Whether you’re touring the country or taking a leisurely ride through your neighborhood, you can surely find something helpful for your next trip. From reflective gear and flashing lights to panniers and action cameras, these essentials will undoubtedly make any bike ride a blast.


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