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Blackjack Bets That People Tend To Use 0

Posted on May 24, 2020 by Lisa Turnbull

You might think that you don’t really need to think about the different types of betting that people use in blackjack; after all, you’ll win if you beat the dealer and lose if the dealer beats you. That’s really what’s at the heart of the game when you play at Slotzo. However, there are, perhaps surprisingly, different types of bets that people can use to enhance their fun while playing. We’ve paid out some of the most popular below. Remember, as with every type of gambling there is no guarantee that you will win using any of these methods, and it is a good idea to only bet with money you can afford to lose. 

Flat Betting

When you try flat betting it means you are betting the same amount for every hand, no matter what else might be happening. There are both benefits and disadvantages to this strategy, and it is down to each individual player to determine which is the best option for them. 

The first benefit is that you won’t lose a huge amount over the course of the game. If you be £5 on every hand with the house edge of 0.5 percent (which is usual) then you will break even or make a small profit if you win more than you lose over time. The disadvantage is that small profit – it really will be small. So although you won’t lose much, you won’t win much either. 

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Joker’s Jewels Slot Game Guide 0

Posted on May 24, 2020 by Lisa Turnbull

Joker’s jewels is an online video slot you can play at 666 casino inspired by traditional five reel slots, brought to you by Pragmatic Play. As with most of Pragmatic Play’s creations, you can enjoy this slot on the go.


Joker’s Jewels features five reels, each containing three symbols, set against a rich purple background. Unlike with most online slots, the pay table stipulating the payouts for each winning combination is situated just above the reels. Players can thus access the paytable without any trouble.

Joker’s Jewels contains eight symbols in total: Joker himself, a bonus crown symbol, a pair of booties, a set of three juggling clubs (blue, red and orange), a lute, and three jewels (a red diamond, a light blue ruby, and a dark blue pearl).

Cash prizes

In order for the slot machine to pay out, three or more identical symbols should occur across the reels from left to right (well mostly). There is one symbol that pays out for a combination of only two matching symbols.

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Top 4 Excellent Tips about Online Gambling You Didn’t Know About 1

Posted on May 07, 2020 by Cathy Carter

Did you know that online gambling has developed into a multibillion-dollar industry globally? It is a profitable way of having fun, and there is no guarantee of winning, but the gambler can take actions to give them the best chance of gaining some wins. The gambler always wants to have the best possible encounter. Below are the best tips for online gambling, which you will need to follow.

Don’t drink and gamble

Gambling and drinking are a terrible combination. Drinking impairs the gambler’s ability to make decisions. It can make the gambler not stick to the laid down plan of winning. Drinking can also mislead the gambler to reckless gambling. If the gambler is winning, they can end up stepping up their bet to a level beyond what is reasonable for their bankroll, and in case they are losing, they may end up chasing their loss until the bankroll is down. When a gambler is drinking, the chances of being short-changed are very high.

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Here are some Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Poker 2

Posted on April 29, 2020 by Cathy Carter

Many people play poker for various reasons. It could be for money-making purposes, skills, or to become a pro in the game. But the main thing is that poker increases social interaction and bonding as you gather to play cards around the table with your friends. However, playing it is not just about drinking beer around the table with your friends as you show your skills. This game brings lots of psychological benefits that improve your sleep, health, and moods. So, whether you are playing it online or at a local casino, here are the health benefits you will receive. 

Active mind

Playing poker requires skills hence those engaging in it, must practice and play frequently. It means you must focus and challenge your mental capability in handling all the steps of becoming a poker pro, including new game levels. Since it is a game that involves numbers, your mental arithmetic will increase. Also, teaching others the nooks and corners of the game will enhance your concentration and patience levels. You will be able to teach them the long-term goals of succeeding in the game.  

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Aspects of Slots That Make Them Addictive 1

Posted on March 12, 2020 by Lisa Turnbull

Whether its playing slots at a land based traditional casino or online, slots can become addictive.

They are easy to play and understand, can have easy wins and are extremely popular whereas compared to typical casino games such as Roulette or Poker, which are more complex and require more skill and strategy. 

Online slots at are also more accessible so are actually much easier to become so addictive. Players can pick up their phone, their laptop or their tablet and happily have a quick spin. Online slots usually also offer higher pay out percentages, a variety of games and higher jackpots whereas land based traditional casinos just cannot compete with. 

The addiction, of course, comes from the opportunity to win. Games with less than ten pay lines are not so popular now in new releases whereas games with as many as twenty pay lines and the new structure of 243 (two hundred and forty three ways to win) make the games more competitive and gives a bigger adrenaline rush. Some games now even offer 1024 (one thousand and twenty four ways to win). In summary three or more symbols appearing in these games is fairly certain to produce a winning combination. 

Hand in hand with multiple pay lines, slot game developers now include bonus features, additional games that players can get too following a win, Wild symbols making a win easier and Scatter symbols also giving huge benefits.  Free spins offer exactly that, the player the opportunity to spin some more without having to invest any money. Auto play also has an addictive feel to it. Newer games sometimes turn things around and rather than the Wild overriding every other symbol except the Scatter they can now move reels, appear at random with no strategy and take the player to a whole new level of additional bonus games. 

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Discover the 3 Hidden Secrets by Slot Machine Designers 0

Posted on February 22, 2020 by Cathy Carter

Did you know that online casinos get designed to make a profit of punters? A player might win some money occasionally. However, gambling websites will always come on top. The casinos have critically designed their sites to lure a punter in and play for long hours and even spend more money. It’s about that time you learn the hacks used in the casino industry that enable them to stay afloat. Here are well-kept secrets that the slot machine designer does not want you to know.

  • The sound effects

Are you aware that the sound effect of a slot machine can impact your gaming style immensely? Slot machine designers use luring sounds on the slot machines as well as bonus games. It thus makes one psychologically prepared to spend more as it fools one into thinking they’ve won. 

Sound effects add to the gaming fun experience. It also makes a punter overestimate the winnings. You ought to be careful about the sneaky noises as they might cut your ability to manage the bankroll effectively.

Slot machine makers exploit this chance and offer games with more than 400 sound effects. There’s a ping sound once one hits the spin button, exciting thematic music in the background, as well as celebratory music among others to add on the stellar gaming time. Some software companies have an entire team of music programmers to come up with sound effects. You can choose to silence the sound effects while gaming or keep it to a minimum to get your head in the game.

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