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Top Incredible Social Benefits of Participating in Sports 0

Posted on September 09, 2020 by Cathy Carter

There’s no denying the significant advantages that sports have to one’s health and wellness routine. Do you know there’s more to sports than merely keeping fit, burning calories, building muscles, and making you feel great? Besides physical benefits, sporting can aid you immensely in other ways. With sports, you not only get to jog your mind but also benefit significantly at a social capacity. Here are some of the under-examined social benefits of sporting activities.

Forges resilience

In life’s journey, you are bound to experience some highs and lows at one point. Wins and losses are also imminent, and it can turn out to be one heck of an emotional rollercoaster. Sports is one of the great activities that enable you to build remarkable resilience. It’s a chance to learn how to dust yourself and tackle any challenging situation head-on. It allows you to become a well-rounded and mature person who can handle whatever life throws at you. You also get to become a significant pillar among people’s life as you enable them to find purpose in whatever they are doing.

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Precisely How to Select the Ideal Sports Just for You! 0

Posted on September 09, 2020 by Cathy Carter

Who doesn’t like participating in a fun and social experience that boost their health! Sports is not only engaging but also aids in overcoming mental stressors in life while forging social bonds with teammates. Do you desire to participate in sports, but you aren’t sure which sports are best suited for you? With so many great sports that you can focus on, it can be somewhat confusing. You might even feel the pressure to surrender pursuing sports altogether. However, don’t let your motivation die out just yet! Here’s how to choose the perfect sports that suit you. 

  1. Consider your interests

Here’s one of the vital elements that you need to consider when choosing a sport. There’s a vast option that you could try before narrowing down your choices.

However, you need to know it all comes down to picking something that you love and would participate in effortlessly. Choosing a sport that’s in line with your interests will enable you to excel tremendously. It’s because you will be open to new ideas to better your sporting skills as you look forward to the next tournament.

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4 Tips For Returning To The Gym After Months Away 1

Posted on September 08, 2020 by John Harris

All over the world, people are slowly returning to fitness routines that took a back seat for many months. Gyms closed, meaning you no longer had the means to work out. Sure, you did some home workouts, but that can’t compare. If you go from squatting your body weight on a bar to squatting with no weights, there will be a huge difference. 

Similarly, the difference it going from bodyweight training back to a gym routine is significant. It’s tempting to jump back where you left off, but this isn’t advisable. Instead, here’s a quick plan to help you get back to the gym after months away:

Take it easy

In the first week or two back, be conservative. Take it easy and re-introduce yourself to the gym. Some of you haven’t lifted weights for months, so it’s absurd to assume you can pick off where you left things. Go too hard, too soon, and you’ll end up hurting yourself. While a personal injury law firm might grant compensation for some gym accidents, you’ll get nothing for your own negligence. Keep your body safe, avoid injuring yourself, and ease back into the swing of things. Start with light weights and gradually progress over the coming days. 

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Can You Use Sports Psychology To Improve Your Fitness? 0

Posted on September 03, 2020 by John Harris

When we think of improving our physical condition and becoming more successful at the sports that we love, or gaining better health, understandably we tend to focus on the physical aspects of our training. But any professional athlete will tell you, it’s just as much in the mind as it is in the body. Your mental condition and shaping your thoughts is a hugely important part of developing yourself – in sport, but also in all other areas of your life. Master your thoughts and you really can master your performance. 

The Secrets Of Sports Psychologists

If you think of any high-profile sports team or athlete, they will usually have worked closely with a sports psychologist at some stage of their careers. This is acknowledged as a crucial part of the development experience in performing at a high level. It goes hand in hand with conditioning your body. But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to benefit from some of this wisdom. No matter what your skill level or your goals with fitness, everyone can benefit from the mental side of training. And in fact, once you learn some of these skills you can apply them to every area of your life, including your career, finances and relationships. There are some basic principles that any sports psychologist knows are the secret to consistently great performance, and they can be learned and practiced by anyone.

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Six Ways to Tone Your Body 1

Posted on August 31, 2020 by John Harris

If you’re going through weight loss right now, you may worry about the skin you are going to be left with when you lose it. It’s a valid worry: fast weight loss can sometimes equal sagging skin, and the only way to truly avoid it is if you include toning workouts alongside your cutting calories. Sure, you may still have some skin that sags a little, because of gravity, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get into shape.

You may want to tone your body with the best butt exercises, or you may see that running is going to get you the lithe legs you long for. Either way, you need to think about toning your body and getting into the perfect shape in your eyes. So, let’s take a look at six ways you can tone your body and feel fantastic!

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What Are the Ingredients of Wax Liquidizers? 0

Posted on August 05, 2020 by John Harris

In recent years, many manufacturers have begun to recognize the importance of using only natural, plant-based ingredients in their wax liquidizer. This is a very important step for the environment, as a large percentage of the world’s waste goes into landfills annually. By using only natural, plant-based ingredients, you can ensure that your waxes are biodegradable, and they will not end up in a landfill site or a water source.

Before selecting any company to manufacture your waxes, do some research. The first thing you should do is identify which type of wax you want your company to produce. There are many types available, including paraffin, liquid paraffin, vegetable wax, and others.

After identifying which types of wax you would like, you will need to go online and look up each company’s website. Look for their website, their web page, and the contact information. This will allow you to get to know the company better and to see if their products are what you want. It may also give you a chance to see how the company conducts business. If the site does not look professional or if you do not feel comfortable contacting them, you should look elsewhere.

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    • Stan Jones – Weight Training Trailblazer
      October 11, 2020 | 1:48 pm
      Stan Jones

      The Sports Then and Now Athlete of the Month was one of the great linemen of his era and is considered a trailblazer for using weight training and conditioning to develop his skills.

      After a standout career at the University of Maryland, Stan Jones spent nine seasons as an offensive lineman for the Chicago Bears, making seven Pro Bowl appearances and earning first team All-Pro three times.

      In 1962, assistant coach George Allen suggested Jones move to defense to help solidify that unit for the Bears. He played both ways in 1962 and then in 1963 moved permanently to the defense.

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