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Not Again! Brett Favre Just Won’t Go Away

Posted on August 19, 2009 by Joe Gill
Favre, the school bully, stole Jackson and Rosenfel's lunch money

Favre, the school bully, stole Jackson and Rosenfel's lunch money

Enough is enough! Michael Felger said it on Sports Tonight on Comcast Sports Net. I couldn’t agree with him more. Brett Favre, go away please! Everyone except the state of Minnesota (who crashed the Minnesota Vikings website for tickets), doesn’t give a rat’s fat @ss anymore (this just in….the rat has just announced his @ss doesn’t care either!).

I really feel bad for Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson. Sage Rosenfels commented on the Favre signing by saying, “This is not what I was hoping for.” I bet. It’s like your lunch money was taken by the school bully and you couldn’t do a damn thing about it!

I bet Chad Pennington can feel their pain! He got cut after the NY Jets signed the unretired Brett Favre. Wow did Chad get the last laugh. He signed with the Dolphins and won a division title. Vikings fans how desperate are you really?! Come on, you have Adrian Peterson do you really need a 39 year old washed up quarterback?

I liked Brett Favre. The operative word was LIKED which is PAST tense. Just like FAVRE should be in the PAST tense. Dude, why can’t you walk away? Spend time with your family, who has already been through enough. Get old together. Reminisce over the good times and don’t add more bad memories. Wasn’t the costly INT versus the NY Giants in the NFC Championship enough?!

You held the Packers and Aaron Rodgers hostage through the whole off season in 2008 and pre season. You got your wish and got a chance to play with NY Jets. Started off fast and just faded away, like your career.

Did you see the writing on the wall after the implosion in NY? Could you ride off into the sunset after a final boy scout try? Hell no! You rear your grey haired face back on the NFL scene again. Next victim…the Minnesota Vikings. The deal was imminent then dead then brought back to life like Doctor Frankenstein’s monster. All you need now is the bolts in the neck Brett.

There is no doubt you were one of the best quarterbacks in history but that was in the 1990’s.

The MVP awards and playoff wins have dropped off dramatically after the start of the new millennium.  Your Cinderella story which started with the Atlanta Falcons is over. You got your ring versus my beloved Patriots and I was okay with that because you were a fiery competitor, a leader, and FUN to watch.

You deserved it. Brett, the fans of the NFL no longer DESERVE this.  Return the favor, please!!!!!!!!

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