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No Surprise Here: Brett Favre Reports To The Vikings

Posted on August 19, 2010 by Dean Hybl

Brett Favre is back...again.

So is anyone really surprised that Brett Favre has made his way to Minnesota in time for the second preseason game of the year? Even though he wanted to keep everyone in suspense until the very end, his decision to play in 2010 was about as surprising as seeing hamburgers and fries on the menu at McDonalds.

I guess after all these years there shouldn’t be any self-absorbed behavior by Favre that surprises me, but I must admit that his comments during his latest comeback press conference are a new wrinkle.

According to Favre, he is coming back this year as a “favor” to his Viking teammates.

I guess that sounds somewhat noble, but coming from Favre it just isn’t an easy line to swallow. Given his past actions, I just can’t believe that Favre doesn’t do much that isn’t in some way slanted toward benefiting Brett Favre.

Certainly his $16.5 million salary is a motive, but I think the bottom line is that Favre just isn’t ready to give up his status as football’s greatest gun slinger.

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Careers as professional athletes are unlike just about any other profession. While most new college graduates spend years paying their dues, professional athletes are in their peak during their 20s and early 30s. Then, by the time other professionals are starting to make their mark, professional athletes are nearing the end of their careers.

Favre has always loved playing the game and I think ultimately the lure for one more chance was too enticing. Especially considering that his season ended a year ago just shy of the Super Bowl.

Favre may truly believe he decided to come back because of his teammates, but he is doing it for himself as well. He knows that if he can have another special season it will further establish him as one of the greatest of all time.

Brett Favre will be 41-years-old this season. Can he handle another season of big hits?

In some ways he really has little to lose in terms of legacy because if he is not able to regain past form he simply can point out that he’s 41-years-old.

I predicted a year ago that Favre’s time with the Vikings would either end with great glory or in a very ugly fashion. Even without making the Super Bowl, he did have a glorious season.

However, many media experts are a little more skeptical this time around. Much of that doubt has to do with the ankle injury that forced Favre to have surgery earlier this spring. It is just unclear if the most durable quarterback in NFL history can get through another season.

The general belief is that at some point Favre’s body will give out. That would seem to be more likely to happen this year, but you just never know with Favre. There is no doubt that he is one of the toughest players ever to put on a helmet.

Last season the decision by Favre to join the Vikings made them the prohibitive favorites in the NFC and they didn’t disappoint.

Maybe it is because people are suffering from Favre fatigue, but even though Minnesota is a very good team there is not the same willingness this time around to assume that Favre’s return guarantees the Vikings will be contending for the Super Bowl.

Now that Favre is back in camp you have to expect that he will quickly get the competitive juices flowing again. However, if his number one motive this season is indeed his teammates and not the personal vendetta that drove him last year, you have to wonder if he will play with the same fire.

We will get another year to see number 4 on the field, only time will tell if it is a season that we will all want to remember.

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