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Take a Swing at Golf Fashion

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Daniel Lofthouse
Arnold Palmer set fashion trends in golf with his short sleeve polo and slacks.

Arnold Palmer set fashion trends in golf with his short sleeve polo and slacks.

Throughout the ages popular professional golfing figures have been firmly sticking to or openly defying the strict dress codes enforced on the golf course. Check out this run down of golf’s greatest conformers and rebels before deciding which way you swing with golf fashion and then picking up some great clothing for your next round at Bunker Mentality.

Arnold Palmer, widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of men’s professional golf, has won numerous titles for his incredible golfing skills. He is also, however, remembered for his preferred dress of a short sleeve polo shirt and khaki trousers which, whilst originally frowned upon for its rather dressed down and casual look, soon become the standard golfing attire of the day. His fashion choice made such an impact that in fact this style of dressing has remained as the staple for the past fifty years and is still commonly seen on courses across the globe today.

Payne Stewart was a pro golf player from America who has eleven PGA titles to his name. His take on the traditional 20’s style golf fashion of knickers, high socks and a newsboy cap combined with garish eighties prints led him to become easily recognizable on the course. Half traditional conformist, half contemporary rebel he meshed these seemingly opposite sides of a coin together to create his own unique golf style. He was truly an individual who was never afraid to wear exactly what he wanted and that kind of confidence is killer.

Payne Stewart had his own flare for fashion.

Payne Stewart had his own flare for fashion.

Shingo Katayama is a Japanese pro golfer famous for topping the Japan Golf Tour money list five times from 2000-2008. He is also rather infamous for his interesting fashion choices on the course which have included numerous brightly colored gloves and almost luminous striped shirts. He is of course most famous for his use of a cowboy hat leading to his nickname Cowboy Shingo.

John Daly, the infamous diamond in the rough who would almost always look out of place at a country club with his lurid pant and tee shirt combinations and zero to hero status and attitude. A player known for his driving distance off the tee earning him the nickname Long John, he is equally well known for his rough and ready appearance as well as his wild thing reputation. In 2009, however, he used his infamous wardrobe of bright pants to show his support for recent breast cancer diagnose Amy Mickleson sporting highlighter pink pants and a sports bra.

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