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Traditional Sports vs. Modern Sports – Which Is Better?

Posted on April 15, 2014 by Brian Braindeaux

Many of our favorite sports have changed drastically over the last few decades; with some becoming obsolete altogether. Some of the sports that were popular with the rich and famous are now sports we all play on a regular basis whereas some sports we all used to play are now nowhere to be seen. Were traditional sports better than their modern counterparts, however? Let’s take a look at some of the hobbies and pastimes that have changed over the years, and which was better; traditional or modern.


Back in 1946, Formula One became the premier single seated racing sport in the world, and it hasn’t given up that title to any other motorsport. Pre-war regulations used to determine the engine capacity of the racing cars, with manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo leading the way in the competition. 4.5 liter cars were allowed, non-supercharged, to race against a supercharged 1.5 liter model. With only a handful of manufacturers being able to compete, the competition was unlike anything sports lovers had ever seen before. Now, the regulations and the cars have changed exponentially, making the competition faster, more thrilling and far more expensive. The Formula One today is followed by millions of motorsport’s fans; some of which travel the globe in order to watch their favorite driver or team. Although the adrenaline rush of motorsports is far greater now, there was something so fantastic about motorsports back then. We think the traditional sport beats the modern day version, hands down.Hunting

Shooting and Hunting
This is one sport which has now become virtually redundant, compared to its popularity in days gone by. Shooting and hunting would be commonplace for the elite in most parts of the world, often used as a sport to impress and create envy. It was no surprise to see a gentleman walking into the woods with his gun and 5.56×45 ammunition in order to brush up on his hobby. Nowadays, shooting and hunting has become far more regulated, throughout most parts of the world. Hunting seasons can be found in various US states, whereas some places ban this sport completely. Far more popular than hunting game nowadays is paintballing; a sport in which participants get to shoot their competitors with paint. Although far safer than playing with real guns, you’re still going to get that same buzz and rush from firing a weapon. We prefer the regulations brought in over the last few decades, making the modern version of this sport far more appealing than the traditional.


How has swimming changed over the decades, we hear you ask. You may be surprised to find that swimming as a sport has changed drastically, since the days of swimming baths on every street corner. In the past, it was possible to walk to your nearest swimming facility; and find it to be jam packed with wannabe competitors and professional athletes. Nowadays, it seems that the only place you can go swimming is in a flashy complex, complete with gym and sauna. Long gone are the days to neck to knee swimsuits and swimming caps; replaced, instead, by synchronized swimming and flashy diving. We still have some incredibly athletic swimmers, such as those that compete in the Olympics, but we miss the days of swimming being a genuinely exciting sport. In this case, traditional was better.

Other popular sports have changed bit by bit over the last few hundred years; such as goalposts being introduced in soccer, tennis racquets becoming round instead of oval and the British game rounders being turned into Baseball. Modern doesn’t always mean better when it comes to sports, but we’re grateful for the changes that make today’s sports interesting, exciting and fun to follow.

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