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Rukkus Offers Ticket Deals for Super Bowl XLIX

Posted on January 17, 2015 by Dean Hybl

January is halfway over, which means NFL fans from around the globe are coming together to watch the top NFC and AFC teams fight to take home the beloved Super Bowl ring.

Rukkus has a wide variety of tickets available for Super Bowl XLIX

Rukkus has a wide variety of tickets available for Super Bowl XLIX

Whether you’re a New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, or Indianapolis Colts fan (or your favorite team has long been eliminated), we’d love to get you to this year’s Super Bowl. That’s why we’ve partnered with NFL ticket search engine and marketplace, Rukkus, to get you prices around 25% cheaper than StubHub.

Not only does Rukkus have the lowest prices, but they also just introduced their one-of-a-kind new seating charts, which map tickets down to the row level and include first-person seat views so you know exactly what you’re getting before you checkout. Rukkus also color codes tickets by price, so you can easily find seats within your budget. Check out their Super Bowl XLIX seating chart below and treat yourself to some tickets:

Super Bowl Pricing Trends

Super Bowl Pricing Trends

Are you wondering whether you should grab tickets now or wait in hopes that they get cheaper? According to Rukkus analysts you may be able to hold out in the hopes that prices will drop as the game approaches. Rukkus has been tracking football ticket prices and expects that they will continue to slowly decline over the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Looking at the chart below, ticket prices in the Upper 400 Level and the Main Level Sideline have been steadily declining over the course of the past month. Rukkus projects that prices for certain zones could drop by as much as 10% each week. If these trends continue, prices for the Main Level Sideline could drop all the way down to $3,000. End zone seats have been seeing a different trend; for these, prices have been gradually increasing over the last few weeks, but that rise is beginning to level out.

Price comparisons for the last three Super Bowls.

Price comparisons for the last three Super Bowls.

Depending on which teams win the NFC and AFC championships, ticket prices could either stay the same or take a sky dive in the weeks before the game. Fans with a lower desire to attend can lower prices significantly in those final few days. On the other hand, popular NFL teams with extremely loyal fanbases who are willing to travel could keep prices on the higher side, which is what happened in 2012 when the New York Giants took on the New England Patriots.

If you’re going to the game no matter what, your safest bet is to grab your ticket right away so you don’t miss your chance or have to pay an inflated price. If you’re more flexible about attending, you can set a price alert with Rukkus. Shoot an email over to the friendly Rukkus concierge team at or give them a call at (917) 794-3567 for help finding the perfect seats!

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