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The Fairest Fairways: Top Tips for Golfing in Mont Tremblant

Posted on February 02, 2015 by John Harris
The golf courses at Mont Tremblant are among the most picturesque around.

The golf courses at Mont Tremblant are among the most picturesque around.

There are a lot of factors that play into a tourist’s decision-making process. Selecting a destination is based upon a number of factors, including ease of travel, local accommodations, attractions, and the local environment. When it comes to traveling in pursuit of sport, golf is one of the few sports that draws people to all corners of the globe for a mix of natural splendor and sporting challenge. If you’re contemplating a visit to Mont Tremblant, what tips do you need to plan the perfect golfing trip?

Mont Tremblant Golf Courses

A visit to Quebec is not complete without a day on the links at Mont Tremblant. The facility boasts two championship courses with spectacular plateaus, beautiful greens, and impressive views that challenge you to keep your focus on the game, and not on nature. Le Diable lives up to its name, with devilish surprises hidden at every turn. The course features long, narrow fairways which are bordered by dense forests. Massive red-sand bunkers await any wayward shot.

Le Géant offers a similar challenge to golfers, with impressive mountainside views of the vast Laurentian landscape. The course at Le Géant exists in perfect harmony with the dense forests and impressive mountain landscape surrounding it, challenging you to remain focused on your next shot rather than the scenery around you.


Golfers don’t cross international borders to sleep in tents before hitting the links. Before you spend four hours on the fairways and greens of Mont Tremblant, you’ll need a good night’s sleep. There are a variety of Tremblant rentals available that will wrap you in luxury, power up your game with good sleep, and help you relax after a day on your feet. Vacation rentals in Tremblant include amenities such as sledding for kids, skiing for your travel partners ice skating, and spa retreats to help soothe your muscles at the end of the day.

Potential Language Barriers

When you step up to the tee box, you might find that your relaxing day on the course has become an awkward 18-hole endeavor with strangers if you aren’t aware of the local community. As Golf Channel’s Jason Deegan notes, Mont Tremblant is located in Quebec, which is Canada’s lone French-speaking province.

As you step to the tee box with your assigned partners for the day, you may find that language barriers pose a problem for your day on the links. Deegan recalls stepping to the tee and saying “hello” to his partner, only to hear “bonjour” in return. From there, it was silence all day. If you aren’t fluent in French, you should be prepared to play your round in silence or hope for multilingual partners.

Enjoy Your Surroundings  

A day on the courses of Mont Tremblant offer you a chance to enjoy one of Canada’s most impressive natural environments, the Laurentian Mountains. Take some time as you walk from tee box to green to enjoy the breathtaking scenery surrounding you at every turn on the links of Mont Tremblant.

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