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What’s New in Football?

Posted on April 18, 2015 by Ashley Andrews
Bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles has been a big part of the NFL's off-season discussions.

Bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles has been a big part of the NFL’s off-season discussions.

In an effort to weed out truth from gossip, this article explores the NFL’s rumor mill…..

There have been many rumors about upcoming changes in the NFL, and Commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that fans can look forward to the league evolving in the next couple years. Goodell does have an exceptional reputation for making decisions that improve the league’s brand, so it’s exciting to see what’s in store.

Are new stadiums being built? Is the National Football League interested in establishing new expansion teams? These are questions fans are asking right now, but the people in charge are keeping mum, except for few details.

All About the Benjamins
Goodell has a solid reputation for helping owners maximize their annual earnings, and most (if not all) the upcoming changes are geared toward more profits. The NFL hasn’t experienced any problems generating impressive revenue each season, but that isn’t going to stop expansion from happening.

Statistics show that the NFL has consistently increased its profits each year, and the overall revenue is over $9 billion. The commissioner, league officials, and team owners are going to continue to push for additional revenue, which is why expansion rumors should be believed. Expanding their market is a surefire way to earn teams more money. It’s the right time to establish a new team in a big city.

Which City Will Have a New Team?
Several cities have expressed interest in acquiring a team, but NBC Sports estimates that a new team will arrive in Los Angeles sometime in the next 12 to 24 months.

“The timeline would include a team announcing its intention to move in the 2015 or 2016 offseason, with arrangements to play at the Rose Bowl or the L.A. Coliseum pending the construction of a new stadium…Currently, the universe of teams that may relocate consists of three: the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers.”

So, that rules out an all-new team being created, but does satisfy the rumor that a new city will receive a team.

The USA Today has reported that London may receive a team, but that’s less plausible than Los Angeles receiving a team. The distance is a logistical nightmare. It would be difficult for players to play their best after experiencing jet lag. London may be best suited for hosting games, not playing them.

College Players Entering the Pros
Fans have plenty to look forward to in the upcoming season. The draft promises to introduce many exciting collegiate players, such as wide receivers Amari Cooper and Kevin White. For an in-depth look at which players have the best shot at going pro, check out these sources:

•  Official NFL blogs: These blogs provide in-depth information to loyal fans. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee these will be immediately updated.

•  ESPN: You’ll need cable service to watch the draft, or get draft updates and rumors pre-draft.

•  NFL Channel: The sister channel of ESPN; this premium channel is solely dedicated to providing exclusive news on team trades, cuts, and drafts. It’s also a great way to hear the rumor mill, and listen to the professionals discuss what’s real and what isn’t.

•  DirecTV NFL packages: These packages include more dedicated NFL channels, and NFL Sunday Ticket, which ensures you won’t miss a game or a rumor.

The NFL will continue to grow as time progresses, and as it always has. Fans can expect to see their teams play, change, and grow each and every season. The rumor mill isn’t going to slow down, but that’s a good thing. These rumors provide football fans with greater insight into the sport they love.

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