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MMA Fighter “Jon Jones” Might Be A Star Of The First MMA Slots Game By Next Gaming

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Biran Hallet

KingoftheCageFor fans of online casino games as well as fans of mixed martial arts or MMA, there is something new that has just been released to the news media. It is pretty exciting in both of these worlds. The news story that was released was released on June 19 of 2015 through PR Newswire.

So what’s the big deal? The news is that one of the biggest organizations for mixed martial arts in the world has made a partnership with one of the biggest casino sites on the Internet and in the world.

More about the partnership
The partnership was made in June 2015 between King of the Cage and Next Gaming. King of the Cage is a mixed martial arts organization or an MMA Organization as some may know it. This organization always promotes the best mixed martial arts games around the world, and people are always tuning in to see the fights that they are providing on their channel. The union created a slots game that is based on King of the Cage.

Connection to Royal Vegas Casino
If this new story is something that interests you, you will be even further interested in the fact that the new slots game will be included in the Royal Vegas gaming arsenal. When we are talking about Royal Vegas, we are talking about the gaming site called Royal Vegas online casino.

This is one of the most popular sites on the entirety of the Internet, and people love it because of the excellent customer service and the great games that you can play. In fact, if you are big into online casino games, then you have probably already been playing these games from your smart mobile phone, tablet device or computer.

KingoftheCage-2The Deal
If you are not that familiar with this new story, it has been released because this is the actual partnership. The connection is based on a slot machine game that is based on King of the Cage, yes, but really, we are talking about a union.

Why is this so important to people like you who may simply be interested in mixed martial arts or online games? It is important because this is the first mixed martial arts slots game to appear on the Internet on any site whatsoever. Before this time, there were of course a ton of games on the Internet for people to play, but there were never ant that had to do with a certain MMA organization. The game is being released soon, so start playing!

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