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This Season’s NFL Loaded With Intrigue

Posted on October 23, 2015 by Ashley Andrews
The Colts fake punt was one of the many odd plays so far in the 2015 season.

The Colts fake punt was one of the many odd plays so far in the 2015 season.

Sports are so much more volatile today. It seems that in years past, players performed more consistently, dynasties lasted longer, and upsets were few and far between. But today’s NFL is anything but predictable. Some teams overachieve, others fall short. Players are full of surprises. And it’s anyone’s guess who will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy come February.

So the ability to view as many games as possible is quite the gift these days. If you hear an update that suggests something bizarre is about to take place, it’s amazing to be able to jump to another channel and get right in on the action. Sure, it will all air on highlights later, but the element of surprise and the chance to watch it live is unparalleled.

There are quite a few reasons why you might be kicking yourself if you don’t have DIRECTV Sunday Ticket or some kind of way to view any game at any time. If you still don’t get on the horn after reading this, you’ll be kicking yourself all season.

Fantasy Sports

Let’s just get right to the point. This hobby has become hugely popular. It is lots of fun, because it gives you the potential for bragging rights over not just your friends, but over coaches and GM’s who might have traded, released, or not drafted a player who you think can be successful.

And thanks to popular fantasy websites like Fan Duel and Draft Kings, you can actually win money with your immense knowledge.

So you’ve got to follow the games, not just to find the outcomes of matchups where your potential victories are involved, but also to scout players and teams to see what you will want to do for the next week. With a full-league television option, you’ll never miss a thing.

Surprises Galore

A fake punt? Really, Pagano? Like that? The need to generate excitement in the stands and at home seems to have created an undercurrent of risk-taking among certain coaches. In the case of the Colts-Patriots matchup from Week 6, the debacle of this late-game failure will be the memorable part. The choice to punt was obvious, and the plan to go with a nutty formation was, uh, innovative. But it was at least done out of necessity.

The real story from this game in terms of fan enjoyment was the sorta-onside kick called by Indianapolis after their pick-6 of Brady in the first half. It was a fairly low-risk crack at a Nielsen-boosting play, and so what if it failed?

Whatever the reason for some of the surprising play calls, the results are either comical or shocking and always worth watching.

Who’s In? Who’s Out?

There is always a considerable amount of uncertainty in a season because of injuries, suspensions, holdouts, and other absent players. But this year seems to be setting a new high watermark. Pittsburgh lost Roethlisberger, then shortly Vick, and then won with a third-stringer in Landry Jones. Andrew Luck has been hurt. Dez Bryant is out. Kam Chancellor was tardy to the party because of contract issues. Johnny Manziel was out for alcohol issues, back in, and then out again for performance issues, and his Browns just about took down the Broncos.

Watching a game now is a real crap shoot now in terms of who you’ll see on the field. And the resultant performances are real fodder for debate and discussion all season long.

Maybe it’s just our imagination, but the NFL seems to be more riveting than ever. And with technology online and on the tube today, there’s no reason to miss any of the blowouts, upsets, or craziness.

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