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7 Tailgating Tips This Football Season

Posted on September 09, 2016 by Matt Rhoney

football-tailgatingFor many, as the summer season comes to a close, the air cools off and fall approaches, it means football season is officially kicking off. Whether you’re a student with an awesome college team or you’re an avid NFL fan (or both), now is when the fun begins for you and your friends and family. When you’re a football fan, there are few better ways to enjoy a Sunday than by spending time with those you love, eating good food, maybe drinking a few beers, and watching hours of football. When you’re all actually able to go to a game together, make the most of the day by tailgating before the game! Check out these 7 tips for tailgating safely this football season.

1. Take Safety Precautions When Using Your Grill

If you’re cooking with a gas grill, make sure you check that your hose is tightly connected. A loose hose could be bad news for you and anyone close by. If you’re cooking with coal, it’s important to cook early on in the day so the coals have time to cool off. You can also check for bins that are designated for coals.

2. Consider the Proper Temperatures for Food

Keep in mind that to prevent bacteria from growing on food, it needs to be kept at its proper temperature. Make sure hot foods are well insulated and cold foods are kept in a cooler with ice.

3. Designate a Driver

Before the festivities even get started, be sure to designate as many sober drivers as needed for everyone to get home safely. According to car accident lawyers, a common example of negligent driving is doing so while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Keep in mind that even when you have a sober driver, it’s crucial that he or she remains attentive behind the wheel – there are other drivers on the road and they may not have designated a sober driver.

4. Pack a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is always crucial when you’re away from home. You never know what might happen, so having the necessities with you is a good idea. You might also consider bringing a small fire extinguisher if you plan on cooking on the grill.

5. Wear Sunscreen & Stay Hydrated

Even overcast skies require you to wear sunscreen – especially when you’ll be spending the entire day outside. Though the sun might not be as hot as it is during the summer, it’s important to stay protected. Also make sure you and your friends are drinking lots of water, especially if you’re consuming alcohol.

6. Hide Your Valuables

When you head into the game, stash your valuable items underneath the seats of your car so they’re not in plain sight for passersby to see. You never know who could be wandering through the parking lot during the game.

7. Throw Your Trash Away

Have a large trash bag or two for you and your party. Help keep the parking lot clean by throwing trash away before you head into the stadium. Keep your area clean to help prevent other drivers from crunching over loads of trash when they’re leaving.


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