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3 Easy Ways to Get the Full Football Experience This Fall

Posted on September 27, 2016 by Jim Smith

fantasy-football-draft-party1Football season is one of the many harbingers of fall. Whether you bundle up to watch your teen score a goal on the field under the big field lights, join the office pool for fantasy football, or just enjoy the game at home, there are many ways to get the most out of the football season.

Volunteer, Coach, or Play

If you used to play football in high school or college, what better way to relive those good ol’ days by coaching football at the grade school, high school, or even collegiate level?  Granted, you need to know the game (what football fanatic doesn’t?) and it helps to have a Bachelor’s degree, a teaching license, and coaching experience, but one can dream, right?

If coaching isn’t part of your career path, you can always find away to volunteer, whether you apply to be an assistant coach or sell concessions during halftime. Volunteering at a local football game is a great way to see the game for free because you don’t need to watch a professional team to enjoy the game.

If coaching or volunteering is out, why not gather family and friends together to play a friendly (and competitive) game in the backyard before you sit down and enjoy the game?

Fantasy Football

You don’t need to have a history with football to enjoy and appreciate the game. Some of the biggest fans have no experience catching the ball, making a goal, and lack coordination when it comes to punting; here’s where Fantasy Football is the best kind of game to play. If you’ve never played Fantasy Football, what have you been waiting for? It’s the perfect activity for the true football fan who wants to be competitive, but doesn’t want to risk pulling a hamstring.

You have the chance to create your dream league of your favorite teams, score points based upon actual performances, and if you win, you can get a prize of money or just bragging rights for the year. Honestly, you don’t even really need to know that much about football to play Fantasy Football; some players are just in it for the thrill or chance of a win.

Speaking of a chance to win, sports betting is another way to win some money during the football season. Although sports betting has been done for centuries, it’s still a popular activity among collegiate and professional football fans. While it’s less common for people to meet up with their “bookies”, websites like Online Casino Bluebook are great sites to find not only reviews of the top 10 online casinos and education, but to also find the right site to place your bet.

Watch the Game

While every football fan should experience watching the game in person, feeling the brisk air, donning sports garb, and hearing the roar of thousands of fellow fans, season tickets are expensive and not always easy to get. Whether you host a Sunday football party or meet up with friends at the local pub, watching the game on a big screen with surround sound can be just as exhilarating, plus you have the chance to sit on comfortable furniture, save money on concessions, and don’t have to compete with the long bathroom lines.

If you don’t have access to all the games, football season is the perfect time of year to take advantage of your cable provider’s football package. Ask your friends and family to chip in on the bill, in exchange for a place to watch the game.


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