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5 Best Football Receiver Gloves

Posted on July 05, 2017 by Sivaram Sundarasamy

glovesFootball, being a very popular sport, does need its players to make an investment in the attires that they show up on the field in. Receiver gloves are one of these attires for the field. Both adults and kids require these gloves for the sport in order to lay like pros and make the games interesting.

  • When looking for receiver gloves, it is best to consider three major qualities that our chosen fit should pass in order for you to give your wallet a green light to let go of money from your wallet.
  • The range of sizes of the gloves. A proper receiver glove company should be I a position to provide for a wide range of sizes that fit very nice and snug. Both adults and kids have the size to age difference in size of the football gloves and they should be catered for by the company in question.
  • In addition to this, the gloves should also be of a high-quality material, capable of withstanding many games or rounds of games without looking like slippery eels on balls. The best gloves provide as much grip in their first game as well as they do five games later, still giving that wonderful grip that gives a receiver satisfaction every time the ball comes their way.
  • Other than that, the gloves should no doubt give the receiver good extra protection for his hands so that they are able to grip the ball as firmly from the beginning to the end of the game. Without this, they do not serve the receiver too well.
  • The ratings are given by customers for football gloves and brand of the company. The former customer is the most honest person while looking for information on how good pair of gloves is. Many good reviews and demand for a certain brand should automatically tell you that they help the job get done and efficiently at that.
  • The gloves should be light in weight and easy to work with. Such gloves are good because they help the receiver to remain at a steady state as the ball lands in their hands when it forcefully lands into their hands. Heavy gloves work as a disadvantage for the receiver.
  • Cost. Other than the good qualities and other praises people have for these gloves, it is your wallet that will decide which gloves you will select according to your budget. You should, however, be in a position to get good value for your money.

With these qualities, you should be in a position to single out the following brands of specific hand gloves in the market, with the highest ratings and the best customer reviews.

1. Wilson GST Skill Gloves

These are the lightest, most durable gloves that you will find in the market. They are made of high-quality fibre, have a powerful grip and are very easy to work with. Although there are much more pairs of gloves in the market, these right here are the best designed classy gloves with provision for every need that a receiver would need to feel that he will perform tremendously in a game.

2. Nike Vapor Knit 2.0

These knit gloves are perfect for players looking to protect their fingers from harm, are light in weight and have a unique design that is rather appealing to the eye. These gloves do give the receiver confidence in themselves and they are able to do perform well without having so much tension. Nike is a well-known company that releases sports gear that never disappoints. Their mark of quality still is at the top and will hopefully remain there because of their outstanding gear each time.

3. Under Amour UA Spotlight

This is another pair of gloves that also just recently hit the market and is in high demand, having made it to the top five. The gloves have a glue grip silicone-based formulation that is very helpful in providing great gripping abilities for the receiver. It continues to get more customer reviews and may with time overtake the Nike gloves for a higher spot among reviews. They also provide wrist support.

4. Cutter Rev Pro 2.0

This is a pair that everyone is so recently trying to get their hands on given the recent boom in the new reviews about this selection. They have been there for years and they always seem to get a thumbs-up when asking customers about the adhesion of the gloves. They, however, have their own limitations including weight as compared to the other gloves.

5. Elite Tek RG-14 Youth And Adult

Other than the safety that this company gave to these gloves, they have other desirable qualities that make them a top choice in the market. They are light in weight and are very durable as they provide a long lasting source of grip for the wide receiver. They have covered sizes for all ages.

Author Bio:

Sivaram Sundarasamy is the founder and owner of Indreviews, where he and his team review a wide range of products. He is a writer by day and a reader by night. Follow him on twitter @sivaramseo.

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