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Hankering for Hockey? 4 Tips to Get You Ready to Play

Posted on December 02, 2017 by Kara Masterson

Hankering for Hockey, 4 Tips to Get You Ready to PlayHockey is unique as it is one of the few major sports to be played on ice as opposed to grass or artificial turf. However, this is what allows it to be a fast paced game that is enjoyable to both watch and play. What should aspiring hockey players do to get themselves ready to have a fun and safe experience?

Learn How to Skate

Hockey is more fun when you aren’t falling down or bumping into other players. Learning how to skate can make you more effective in both the offensive and defensive zone, which means that you have a greater chance of sticking with a team. Skating lessons may be offered within your community, and you can also take advantage of open skating sessions to further hone your skills.

Find Equipment That Fits Right

If your hockey skates are too large, you won’t be able to generate any power when you push off. If your ankle or leg pads are too small, you could be vulnerable to being hit by a puck. Those who are new to the game of hockey or are still developing physically may prefer a helmet that has a cage on it as it can protect you from getting hit by a stick, an elbow or a puck.

Learn the Rules of the Game

The rules of hockey differ from other sports in many respects. For instance, a player is offside if he or she enters the offensive zone before the puck does. In most sports, players are ruled offside if they don’t stay on their side of the field. You should also know what icing the puck is as well as where the goalie can and can’t handle the puck.

What Happens If You Lose a Tooth?

One of the stereotypes about hockey players is that they are all goons with toothless smiles. While the odds of losing a tooth playing hockey are relatively slim, it can happen. The best thing to do after losing a tooth is to find it, pack it in ice and get to a dentist like Smile Makers Dental or someone similar as soon as possible. If you can’t find the original tooth, you may need to get an implant.

To get the most from your experience as a hockey player, it is important to spend time learning the rules and how to stay upright on the ice. In addition to helping you have fun playing, it may also make you a better player who may develop to his or her full potential.

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