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College Football Tailgating Traditions

Posted on December 20, 2017 by Samantha Waites

FSU-sod-cemetery-2So, it’s the time of the year when college football is at its peak. The only thing that steals the limelight from them is the tailgates. The tailgating traditions are loved by all. Who doesn’t like experimenting with food and drinks? And to show your hatred towards your rivals, people go to unimaginable extents sometimes. Universities across the country have their own traditions but there are a few we just can’t love. Here’s a sneak peek at such traditions.

  • Auburn’s Toilet Paper:

Well, never thought that this would make it to the list but guess what, everyone loves Tping their opponents place. This started in 1972 when Auburn won and is continued until today. Try this out sometime.

  • Florida State’s Sod Cemetery:

You never forget where you were for your team’s biggest win but for Florida State Seminoles, this was a start to a tradition. They literally etch the memories in stones. There aren’t any remains in this graveyard except for clumps of grass from the opponents’ fields. This tradition began in 1962.

  • Mississippi State’s cowbells:

The name sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This obnoxious tradition can be harsh. No one hates defeat more than Mississippi State Bulldogs. This started in 1930 and has continued even after the retorts.

  • World’s largest cocktail party:

The annual meeting of Georgia and Florida at Jacksonville came to be known as ‘The world’s largest cocktail party”. It started back in 1950 and till now is one of the coolest traditions. Who wouldn’t want to go to this one?

  • ·         Harvard University’s Wine and Cheese Soirees:

Why should Harvard be left out? And when did Ivy leaguers stop having fun? So exchange brats ‘n beer for cheese and wine and Solo cups for glassware. Though Harvard has a reputation for having highest SAT scorecard holders and not a great scoreboard. They never back out from an Ivy League.

  • University of Iowa’s pink locker room:

How would you like a locker room in the Pepto-Bismol-y shade of pink? Well, that’s how you are greeted at University of Iowa. This tradition started in the 1990’s when Coach Hayden Fry coached the Hawkeyes. He had a degree in psychology and believed that colors effect our emotions. The calming pink hue was a great gesture.

  • University of California’s ‘Tightwad Hill’:

Can’t afford the tickets to the Ivy League, worry not. If you are University of California, Berkeley and can’t afford the tickets or they are sold out, you can still catch a glimpse of the game. Tightwad hill rising above the stands of the Cal’s memorial stadium is a spot for unofficial gathering.

We have tons of traditions that have evolved over the years. Tailgate traditions are fun and can be more exciting than the game sometimes. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the tailgate traditions because they are unique in their own way and hold a significant value. Go find out some more traditions or try inventing your own this time. Happy tailgating and enjoy playoff season!.

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