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5 Tips to Snorkeling for the First Time

Posted on February 07, 2018 by Dan Parker

snorkeling-silfra-hiAccording to statistics of snorkelers in the United States between the years 2006 and 2016, the number had been reducing and increasing by a fair margin. In 2016, the numbers stood at 8.72 million which was a drop from 8.87 million in 2015.

So what is snorkeling?

This is the kind of swimming done in deeper bodies of water while wearing a face mask and a snorkel, a breathing tube.

As much as it is fun and adventurous, there are essential skills that you require in order to have a great first-time experience snorkeling. Some of these tips include:

1)    Ensure you get a fitting gear

When you get a mask, ensure that it fits your face perfectly. Trying it on before embarking on your adventure is vital. You should be completely comfortable with the mask; it should not fit too tight or too loose. You can also work on practicing how to use the two first, that way you will ease into them, get comfortable and have a tremendous time snorkeling.

2)    Get yourself a decent mask and snorkel

Be sure to confirm that your mask of choice does not leak and can be thoroughly cleaned to avoid unnecessary fogging. For your snorkel, a dry one comes in handy. This kind has a built in mechanism that prevents water from blocking your snorkel and hence eases your first experience. Have no idea which one to get? Look at some of the best full face snorkel masks reviewed.

3)    Since it is your first time, take a friend who is a snorkeling pro with you

Doing this will not only enhance your confidence as you start off, but it will keep you calm and relaxed as the surrounding will now feel safer and familiar with a buddy around.

Feeling comfortable can trigger a bit more excitement, with that in mind, try as much as possible not to swim too fast as exhaustion may ruin the whole experience or make it less exciting than you had anticipated.

4)    Strictly stick to observing and enjoying the experience

The view from underneath the water can be overwhelming. However, as tempting as it may be to touch, explore and find out about everything you see, just do not disturb the ocean life. Do not touch, kick or play around with coral reefs, fish or any other creatures that you come across while there.

5)    Choose a comfortable and peaceful spot for your first snorkeling experience

Carry out thorough research on the location you have decided upon for your first snorkeling experience.

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