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Technology Has Transformed The World Of Golf

Posted on February 16, 2018 by John Harris

Golf_clubsIf you’ve ever spent your Sunday’s sat with your feet on the table, a bowl of nachos in your lap and nothing but sport on the television, then we can almost guarantee you’ll have seen a plethora of commercials peddling golf equipment, and all of them will promise to make you a better golfer. Better grips, better heads, better shaft, better balls, better everything.

Of course, this is nothing new. Nor is it a shock. After all, every single pro, from Tiger Woods to Rory McIlroy, talks about how the latest equipment has made them a better player. That’s why we wanted to do some digging and see just how much the technology and equipment have changed between then and now.

1. A Better Ball

Golf has been a recognized sport for over six-centuries, so it’s only right that it has progressed a fair amount, especially the ball. Originally it was wooden balls before the game decided to embrace the Featherie, which was a leather pouch stuffed with goose feathers. It’s no wonder this didn’t hang about forever. Then, in the mid-nineteenth century, the Gutty ball came along and changed everything, not least of all the cost of manufacturing. The cheaper it is to make, the cheaper it is to play, and that’s when things took off.

2. Cracking Clubs

One thing that hasn’t changed much when it comes to golf clubs is the shape. However, despite this, the advances on the tech front have been absolutely astronomical. What started out as wood shafts later became steel shafts, which then became graphite. Of course, that’s just the shafts. The heads are where the biggest transformation has taken place, especially when it comes to size. The result: a cap at 460 cubic centimeters. What’s also pretty new is adjustable heads, meaning players can adjust their clubs on the fly. You can customise on the go, interchange the shafts in a matter of seconds, adjust the loft on your clubs and, wait for it, even move the weight distribution.

3. Perfect Putters

What makes a putter great is its reliability and with the advancement in tech has come a much more balanced club, meaning players are more able to keep their shots straight. Not just that, but nowadays you can even get putters that are based on your stroke style, whether that be a straight back and forth or an arching effort. This has made the game a whole much more enjoyable to play.

4. Special Shoes

Another crucial element in the golfing world is the shoes, which used to be extremely uncomfortable, something that really factored in before the arrival of the golf carts and long walks to the green were a thing. Nowadays, however, golf shoes have become both super-comfy and super-stylish, with improved arch support, metal spikes for grip and padding everywhere. Unlike the early editions, they are made for walking.

Golf is one of the oldest sports out there, one of the most played and one of the most watched, and a huge part of its success is the constant improvements made.

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