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6 Essential Items for the Ultimate Sports Den

Posted on June 15, 2018 by John Harris

sports fansAs a hardcore sports fan, it’s no surprise you dedicate a lot of time, energy and heartache to your teams — and, as such, you deserve a space that reflects your passion.

Creating a sports-themed man (or woman) cave is one of those projects that can be amazing when done right, but can easily veer off the mark into tacky territory. Here are six steps to help create the ultimate sports den.

1. Choose a Theme

Before you break ground on your room, decide on a unifying theme. Whether you want to showcase your love for the Philadelphia Eagles, interest in all things hockey or incredible jersey collection, deciding on a theme will help inform all of your decisions. Going with the Eagles? You now have a green and black color scheme. Is hockey more your jam? Well, hockey sticks make for fun wall art. Showcasing your jerseys? You have your décor covered.

2. Get Comfortable

You can’t call it a proper man cave until you have ample and comfortable seating. Indeed, the focus of any good sports den has got to be watching sports. As such, furnish your room with pieces that will make sports watching the most comfortable for you and your buddies. Whether it’s theater seating with two rows of leather recliners or an L-shaped sectional, choose seating that is sized for your space.

3. Accessorize Your Space

Rather than overwhelming the room with junk, acquire one or two special items and make those your focal points. Beautifully showcased game-used memorabilia is a perfect addition to any sports den. Once you have your centerpiece, accessorize with other items that fit your theme.

Have a signed home run ball? Set it off with lighting and surround it with nicely framed photos of the player or game. Got a basketball jersey worn by your favorite player? Frame it to display it on a wall with a series of mounted basketballs.

4. Ensure Your TV is Picture Perfect

The setup of an HD TV is a deeply personal choice for a sports fan but obviously plays a prominent part in any den. Set up your screen (or screens) so you have a decent view from any vantage point in the room. And for goodness sake, invest in a decent surround sound system.

However you choose to get your games — cable, satellite or streaming — make sure you have a reliable signal. And with states looking to get in on legal sports betting, nothing is worse than your TV going black or your Wi-Fi cutting out, forcing you to miss a crucial play or spectacular finish.

5. Enjoy Games, Games and More Games

What do you do in your sports den when there isn’t a game on? Play games, of course. Thus, stock your man cave with a variety of games from the latest gaming systems and large-scale games like an air hockey table to fun board games.

6. Eat, Drink and be Merry

It’s only a man cave if you can disappear into it for an entire Sunday worth of football games, which means you need to have plenty of food and drinks at your disposal. At a minimum, you’ll need a mini-fridge to keep your drinks cold. But why settle for the minimum? Think about equipping your den with a fully-stocked bar featuring your favorite microbrews on tap.

Not all man caves are created equal. In other words, building the ultimate sports den depends largely on your personal taste, size of your room and the budget with which you can work.

Focus on the essentials — a unifying theme, comfortable seating, cool accessories, a solid big screen and plenty of food and drink to go around — and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect sports haven.


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