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Keeping It Organized: 4 Fundamental Principles of Running a Football Club

Posted on July 25, 2018 by Katherine Taylor

soccer ballThere is a lot of leadership that goes into the successful running of a football club. While the strategic direction of the club is often determined by the club manager, much of the strategic decisions remain in the hands of the directors. And the manager has to have enough justification for every approach he takes because at the end, results are the true measure of success. The very survival of the club depends upon these results.

In order to guarantee the desired results, there are certain fundamental principles that should guide the leadership of any club. Here’s a rundown of four of these guidelines.

Have a philosophy

Coaches are known to bring specific styles and approaches to the football teams that they manage. However, managers come and go, and the club should be able to retain some kind of identity even in the absence of these important individuals and their distinctive styles.

It is the club’s way of doing things that gives it its identity. It is imperative therefore to have a club philosophy; a vision, a set of values which clearly define the way of doing things within that particular club.

Once you develop a solid club philosophy, the next important phase of things is to see to its survival. Make your players develop an understanding of how things are done in the club. Every new sign-on needs to be properly onboarded and absorbed into this culture. Similarly, every new manager should abide by the club’s philosophy even as they play around with it to develop a winning style. 

Employ an innovative manager and keep him

The quality of leadership that a manager brings to a football club can make or break it. Therefore, you’ll want to hire a manager who knows what he is doing – especially judging from his past records.

Such a manager can replicate his innovativeness in the players and produce creative, skillful players capable of improvising moves and delivering results when needed.

Direct all the income generated towards running the club

Use the money the club generates from ticket sales, sponsorships and other sources to run the club as the number one priority over personal businesses of individual directors. Be sure to see that players receive their payment fairly and on time, and bills are paid promptly to keep the club running at its optimum.

Recruit the right crop of Players

A great club name with a perfect philosophy will not amount to much without a good selection of players. Coaches will always train players to become their best only if the players already have the required talent – not create the talent in them.

Whatever it takes, club directors should be willing to step in to finance the purchase of good players if the club does not have the money at hand. The repayment should typically take the form of instalments at an arrangement that is convenient and sustainable to the club.

The right players will not only help fulfil the club’s vision but also be instrumental in realizing the desired results in both small leagues such as those at Powerplay and bigger, international ones.

Wrap up

With these principles and sound financial footing from the get go, any club should be able to shine and provide fans with the satisfaction they desire at all times.

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