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Biggest Scratch Wins Ever

Posted on October 26, 2018 by Abhinav Vasudevan

scratch-photoScratch card games have always been well-received by all the avid gamblers across the globe. They are closely associated with lotteries and the win is solely based on your luck. Today, you can find numerous scratch cards online and offline as these games have gained a lot of popularity over recent years. To be precise, scratch card games are best-liked by mobile gamers as they can engage in playing the game on the move and it requires no skill and logic.

Well, there are a large number of players worldwide who have instantly won incredible rewards on playing the various scratch card games. Let us find out how.

Grace Walker

Grace is basically a homemaker residing in Scotland. She was the winner of the biggest scratch card prizes ever. She chose her card on the basis of her lucky color (pink). Although she was initially subjected to downfall, she never gave up and was determined to play further. It was her steadfast determination which enabled her to win £1 million.

Jackie Murphy

Jackie was extremely lucky to win at the right time. She was bride-to-be when she stopped buying scratch cards. But lately, she discovered that she had won and she ran to the store to cross-check and got the confirmation. When the reality struck her, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her knees became weak and the store clerks had to help her to get to the chair.

Lewis Rider

Lewis was a professional bartender when he made his first win. He purchased the ticket when he had been to a nearby store to buy food for his dog, Marley.

He planned in using up his winnings by planning a trip to Lanzarote. He was also featured in the media after he bought £20,000 worth of Arnold Schwarzenegger memorabilia from Terminator 2.

Susan Richards

Susan was a 12-hour caretaker and one fine day she decided to stop at the supermarket instead of going straight home. This was indeed a life-changing event in her life as she bought a ticket and was successful in winning £3 million.

She didn’t visit the store with any intention of buying the scratch card. It occurred instantly. She had the exact change needed to buy the ticket in her pocket and she took that as a sign. She met the manager after her ticket was proved to be a winner. The manager confirmed her ultimate dream that the card was a winner. She immediately gave a call to the lottery officials to confirm her new future as a multimillionaire before calling her family to tell them.

Mystery Millionaires

An anonymous winner from Burnley became the UK’s biggest scratch card winner in the year 2014 after he claimed a whopping £4 million from a £10 scratch card. The shopkeeper who sold the winner the card said that the man was regular to his shop but never revealed his identity.

The highlight of this story lies in how he actually won. The winner had actually bought himself a ticket that was unsuccessful. He did not accept failure, so he took out £20 from his pocket and bought two more cards. It was the third card which made him a millionaire. This goes without saying that one must never ever give up.

Luck undoubtedly plays a very crucial role in one’s life. But putting an effort to try and having the determination to not give up is something one must inculcate in order to be successful in life.

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