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Do Wonderlic Scores Correspond With Success in the NFL?

Posted on December 15, 2018 by Alex Merashi

NFL-studyWhat is a Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Test is an important test that has been widely used by prospective employers to assess different abilities in a candidate. It has 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes. A score of 20 reflects average intelligence and a score of 10 points and below means that a candidate is illiterate. In NFL, the test has played an important role in assessing team making efforts in a player.

The NFL uses the test to assess the critical thinking abilities of a player. As a matter of fact, the NFL usually doesn’t consider whether a player is good in Math or understands what the meaning of certain words is. It cares about the ability of a player to solve problems within the shortest time possible.

Wonderlic Score and Success in NFL

Wonderlic Tests help to analyses the potential of an NFL player. It measures a players skills, and how the player can perform at the next level. Therefore, if you are curious about whether the score determines the overall performance of a player, the truth is that the test offers a good comparison on what to expect in the future.

Ideally, the Wonderlic Test focuses on the problem-solving skills of an NFL player in an environment that is mentally taxing. Time and again, NFL teams get standardized Wonderlic Scores or results. This is usually a solid result, and it doesn’t doom a players chances of performing exceptionally well in NFL.

Does a low score mean you are a poor player?

From previous tests done by successfully NFL players and more specifically quarterback players, including Hall of Fame quarterbacks, a low or a below average Wonderlic Score doesn’t reflect poor performance in the future NFL career.

On the other hand, a high Wonderlic Score doesn’t always guarantee a successful or legendary career in NFL. This is attributed to the fact that players football ability is often different compared to the ability to score high in an aptitude test. The purpose of the test is for NFL to have;

  • A standardized benchmark.
  • To measure and compare problem-solving abilities of a player.
  • To keep players for example quarterbacks at the same level.

It is important to note that quarterback is one of the most analytical positions in NFL. Therefore, there is a need for players to take the test to determine how well they can manage the challenges associated with the position. This is why Wonderlic Test is still relevant in NFL world.

How Wonderlic Scores relate with NFL performance

According to NFL experts, players who score high in Wonderlic test often have more passing yards.

Similarly, quarterback players who scored high in the test had more touchdowns on the average. As a result, they are often considered to be in the first place of the team’s quarterback.

Even so, it is wise to note that several studies have been carried out to assess the relationship between the test and success in NFL. A high Wonderlic score doesn’t always guarantee the success of an NFL player. It only enhances the chances of having players who can perform well in the field.

Why is Wonderlic Test important in NFL?

Wonderlic Test is very crucial in NFL, and chances are high it will be used for many years to come. NFL players are expected to make sound decisions within the shortest time possible, under pressure. The decisions players make is a matter of a win and a loss. Therefore, the test measures how well a player can make such decisions.

For quarterbacks, a score of 24 is needed. This is based on the fact that quarterback is a challenging position compared to centres and offensive linemen. As a result, you will need a good Wonderlic Test NFL score.

Wonderlic Prep Test

With the significance of the Wonderlic Test in NFL and other fields, it is imperative to prepare efficiently before you take up the test. It is an intelligence exam that can enhance your chances of getting your most coveted job or position in NFL. Over the past years, football players often spend a lot of time together preparing and working as a team. In this case, the test will help you enhances your chances of learning how;

  • To work as a team.
  • How to make quick and right decisions.
  • Gain more skills.
  • Get stronger with other players.
  • To get a good Wonderlic score.

In this light, you can always take sample Wonderlic Test online, learn more on NFL Wonderlic Scores and prepare efficiently for an upcoming test. A prep test enhances your chances of getting the recommended score.


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