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Bet It Out: Making Money on this Year’s Betting for Preakness Stakes

Posted on January 18, 2019 by Jeremy Biberdorf

PreaknessOne of horse racing’s prestigious yearly events is just around the corner which is to be held on the third Saturday of the month of May, Preakness Stakes is hoping to deliver an encore after the exhilarating Kentucky Derby. Whether you are cheering up for the top favorites or you’re gunning for the ace rookie, the Preakness Stakes is surely a great entertainment which provides awesome betting experience.

Of course, this means you’ll be splurging out some money, so the big question here is whether you go home broke, or as a victor who turned his bet into a profit. While one cannot guarantee and hand out the exact winner for the race, the certainty to nudge you in the right directions will surely be helpful in your picking horses.

Studying the Field

Surely you have heard that knowledge is power, right? thus brace yourself and read up some past information that you can gather, because, above anything else, you are going to want to know what you are doing. Part of the information that you could gather is knowing all the prospective horses that could race this year’s horse racing at the Preakness Stakes.

This means that there might be some instance that the horse who won in the Kentucky Derby or some other top contenders will choose to sit out the Kentucky Derby and race with either Preakness or Belmont instead. By knowing this, you can pick out who to bet on earlier and plan out ahead of time.

Additionally, not all horses are the same, thus you should know how horses run on different tracks and how they perform in bad weather conditions and how they have fared against stiff competitions. Knowing these types of information will help you decide how to bet. Also, knowledge about horse pedigree, training, ownership, talent, jockeys, and running style plays a vital role in how and who you should bet on.

What we are trying to emphasize here is that you need to know what you are doing before risking your money and bet nonchalantly. Sure, you can certainly make bets without knowledge of the horse racing, however, if you want to win then that’s not the right way of making decisions.

Take Note of the Odds

So, now you have learned all the information you could gather about what handicaps the horses in winning the race. Now, the next step towards your victory in making money at the Preakness Stakes this year is to find the most updated Preakness Stakes odds. Knowing the odds in Preakness Stakes is a good initial indicator of knowing where your chosen horse stands.

Obviously, the location where you place your bets will solidify the odds that are present for you, however even before you head to Pimlico Race Course or bet Preakness Stakes with TVG or find your trusted Preakness Stakes online betting site. Whichever of those options in betting, at the end of the day, you are still going to want to formulate a plan.

Bet Early

For a lot of races, betting early is an option since you can often place bets months in advance. Of course, this is not usually the case at a race like the Preakness Stakes since it comes two weeks after the Kentucky Derby and is typically has a more concentrated field.

Thus, technically speaking, nobody has a clue which horses will make the cut for the Kentucky Derby for the longest time, so figuring out which horses will not be able to cut it out into the second leg of the Triple Crown is a waste of time. Regardless, you can still bet early on the Preakness Stakes by pinpointing the locating odds the second it comes out and if you are as fast as a horse, then that will put you into a good two weeks ahead of the final Preakness Stakes odds.


The Triple Crown is certainly this year’s much-anticipated event for the horse racing enthusiasts, may you be going to celebrate it at the Pimlico Race Course and see it for yourself or be placing your bet online with your trusted online betting site, nothing’s going to stop your betting for sure.

Eliminate bad bets and luck just like with any other sports betting by doing the research by yourself and by watching out what the top horse racing experts think.

By doing this, your chance in going home with a big smile plastered on your face and fat wallet is possible.  Just remember to make sure that you know what you are doing by gathering all the information that you can have and that you are enjoying every bit of the game that is to come.

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