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Myths About Women’s Cycling That Should Be Busted

Posted on June 21, 2019 by Landon Domenic

Since women started cycling, people have had a lot of negative thoughts about it. There are several myths that anti-women-on-bikes people believe. Although society has evolved a lot, and the manufacturers have introduced hybrid bikes for women keeping in mind the physical structure of women, myths still linger.

This article portrays logics against the myths, which may help you stop the nonsense whenever anyone will tell you something negative about your biking or racing.

Women Are Not Tough Like Men:

A bike manufacturer once told Olympian Lea Davison, a great mountain biker, that women will fear the sport if any tough or aggressive image of her is shown. Is it right? No, thinking like that is completely offensive. Whereas women step into the world of motherhood being aware of the horrors of childbirth, how can it be possible to get scared of seeing an aggressive image of a bike racer?

Additionally, the US Census Bureau says that one of the cities has experienced the highest rate of female bikers during the wintertime, which needs a high level of mental toughness. So, this concept must be diminished soon.

Women Need Special Bikes and Gear:

It is a great thing that bike companies have introduced new products like bikes, gear and clothes specifically designed for female athletes. It is true that most of the women can get all-day comfort from the women’s specific saddle. However, most does not mean all. Women, who have a pelvis shape like men, cannot fit on the women-specific bikes. So, women should buy one, which meets her uses and fits her the best.

Women Racing Are Not Thrilling to Watch:

Bike racing for women gets less attention while comparing to the hours of TV coverage of men’s racing. It may be the reason why many people argue that watching women’s racing is not as exciting as men. According to them, men are better athletes and stronger, faster and fitter than women. For their information, bike racing does not only depend on speed and fitness, but it also needs a bit of tactic. So, the concept does not make any sense.

Period Slows Down Female Bikers:

Changes in hormones during the monthly cycle of women may have an impact on their performance. However, it is not the same always. Stacy Sims, in her book “Roar”, has proved that the high hormone days just before the period, are the hardest days for training as well as racing. And the exercise physiology becomes like a man during the period.

Cycling Triggers Long Legs:

Cycling is a good exercise for the leg muscles. It might also lead to improved strength and increased muscle size consequently. That means the myth is true. However, having long and strong legs is an amazing thing.    

With the above-mentioned logic, the myths should be busted and women should be much more involved in cycling and racing which might help them to be as powerful as men in the long-time.

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