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Possible Contenders for WWE Championship

Posted on August 08, 2019 by John Harris

The WWE Championship is the most prestigious title on Smackdown Live and it will one the line when current Champion Kofi Kingston will defend his crown against the viper Randy Orton. Kofi won the coveted title at Wrestlemania 35 in one of the most memorable Wrestlemania bouts in history.

Randy Orton

Kofi ousted Daniel Bryan and has since defeated Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and everyone who came in his way during the months since Wrestlemania. Now, he will feud with Randy Orton, at the biggest party of summer but that won’t be all. The WWE Championship is the biggest title up for grabs at Smackdown 2019 Live, and thus there are many names that emerge as contenders. 

At Summerslam, Kofi will meet Orton, but there are a couple of other superstars as well waiting to get their hands on the WWE Championship. Here we take a look at some possible contenders for the title. 

#3 Roman Reigns 

This is a wild card pick but its true that Roman does not hold any title as of yet and heading into Summerslam Roman’s storyline does not have any major feuds. He is a former WWE Champion and he knows what it takes to be the face of the company. 

Also, the fact that Roman is one of the A-listers in Smackdown means that in he future WWE writers may decide to bring these two together for a mouth-watering Kofi vs Reigns match for the WWE Championship.  

#2 Daniel Bryan

The fact that Bryan lost the WWE Championship to Kofi suggests that Bryan deserves a shot at the title. Heading into Summerslam, WWE has been teasing a “career-altering announcement” from Bryan who has remained tight-lipped nonetheless. 

Therefore, the possibility of a Wrestlemania rematch at the Summerslam looks slim but Daniel deserves another shot at the WWE Championship. Having said that, as per latest WWE news, Daniel is rumoured to be facing Roman Reigns at Summerslam. 

Which brings us to our number one candidate. 

#1 Randy Orton

The viper heads into Summerslam with an opportunity to add to his already impressive list of prestigious titles. Randy Orton knows what it takes to beat Kofi Kingston, having done so in the past, and he is well aware of the threat that Kofi possesses. 

Randy Orton is one of the more experienced personnel in the wrestling world and the fact that Kofi has been in fine form since Wrestlemania makes this clash even more interesting. 

Thus, in less than a week, we will find out which one of Kofi or Orton stands tall at Summerslam 2019, with the big prize in his hands. Our money is on Kofi as he looks like a man transformed since Wrestlemania, but we cannot entirely undermine the viper, having seen his impressive past record. 

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