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Fantasy Football Tips for Drafting a Quarterback

Posted on September 08, 2019 by Shakshi Talwar

The 2019 NFL football season is around the corner, which means the 2019 fantasy football season is almost here. How do you plan on winning your draft and league this year? Do you aim to pick up a top running back such as New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley with your first pick? Whatever the case, it’s important to go into your draft with a strategy. You need to know which players you’re going to target as well as possible sleepers and breakout players to pick up later in the draft.

In hopes of helping you win your league this year, the following are some tips for drafting a QB.

You can wait to draft a QB

Aaron Rodgers is on the board. You love the Green Bay Packers and want to pick one of the best players at the position early. However, you can wait to draft a quarterback this year. While it’s important to draft a reliable QB with a relatively high ceiling, you don’t want to miss out on a top running back, as it can cost you the league, week by week. The QB position is still important, but you can wait to draft one this year.

Know the quarterback rankings

Going into a fantasy football draft, you have to know the rankings. That, of course, means quarter back rankings, as well.

Taking that a step further, you need to know the tier of quarterbacks, from the top to the middle of the pack to the bottom. After all, this will help you form a strategy around this position and let you know when it’s time to pick up your quarterback.

As a friendly reminder, while it always makes the games more fun to pick a player on your favorite football team, if your team has a less than desirable player at the quarterback position, then you should steer clear of this player. If you must have this player on your team, then consider picking him up with one of your last picks, or after the draft, assuming he’s still available. Let the rankings guide your thought process so you draft a quarterback that is going to be reliable week after week.

Consider playing the waiver wire game at the position

This might be more of a risk, but if you’re spending all your top picks (and then some) on wide receivers and running backs — which isn’t necessarily a bad strategy — then you might even consider bolstering those positions and not even drafting a QB.

Since there’s so much depth at the position, you can try to play the waiver wire game each week by picking up a new QB based on matchups. Of course, the only way this will work in your favor is if you have top players at the other positions.

Forget all the rules if Patrick Mahomes is on the board

While you don’t necessarily need to draft Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes No. 1 overall (unless you want to), Mahomes is a different kind of player. If you reach for him with your top pick, then so be it.

Mahomes likely won’t put up the same stats he put up last year in his MVP season (5,097 passings yards and 50 touchdown passes, according to ESPN), but, then again, he’s only 23 years old.

This is your fantasy football team and you should draft the players you want to draft no matter when it is in the draft. If you followed all the rules and tips, then you would have the same strategies as everyone else. You likely wouldn’t take a risk or two during the draft which could end up winning you your league.

It’s important to keep the quarterback tips above in mind, but draft the way you want to draft. Enjoy the season, have fun with the game, and may the best team win.

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