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Posted on September 30, 2019 by John Harris

For sporting fans everywhere, weekend excursions can be a real pain in the backside. Everyone knows, after all, that Saturday is a prime time for football, and watching Match of the Day after the event is no comparison to the live experience. Yet, you can bet that the family will want to do something on Saturday, or that a list of chores will appear just when you’re about to settle down. 

Luckily sporting apps mean this doesn’t have to spell the end. In fact, with these to hand, you can follow the scores without once being accused of ‘neglecting family time’.

What are these magical sporting apps, we hear you cry? Keep reading to find out!

Image by John Felise: CC0 License

#1 – BBC Sport

  • Available on Android and iOS

Free to download and use, the BBC Sportl app can furnish you with all the latest sporting news, as well as scores according to your personal preferences. If you don’t already have it on your iPhone, then, you could benefit from downloading it before the week is up. With live news streams and coverage of events also available, the BBC sport app could see you staying up to speed no matter how far afield your family fancy going.

#2 – Matchpint 

  • Available on Android and iOS

Nothing beats stopping for a family pub lunch, especially not when you have Matchpint to hand. This useful free app allows you to view exactly which pubs are showing what matches. While your family tuck in, you could then sneak glances at what’s happening on-field. Just make sure they never find out, or they might stop you from choosing pub destinations ever again. 

#3 – 365 Scores

  • Available on Android and iOS

Next up, we have 365 Scores, an app that allows you to get as close as possible to watching a game without actually doing so. With 24/7 coverage of live tables, highlights, and quick score updates, this is your one-stop-shop for keeping on top with the action. You can even get in-game views to make it feel like you really are following along! What could be better for checking the progress of your team, and making sure that your mobile sportsbetting is still on the straight and narrow? You can just whip this out when you take a toilet break, and your family will be none the wiser.

#4 – Sky Sports

  • Available on Android and iOS

We couldn’t talk about the best sports apps without mentioning the wonder that is Sky Sports, could we? Sky now own the showing rights on the majority of Saturday football games, and their app means that you can enjoy the show wherever you are. With tabs for cricket, football, rugby, formula 1 racing, golf, tennis, boxing, and more, this app literally has it all. You can keep an eye on live updates or watch games yourself when no one’s looking. The only downside is the need for a paid Sky subscription, but it’s impossible to complain with such comprehensive coverage.

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