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Fantasy Football Advice

Posted on October 11, 2019 by Sara Joel

Like football, Hockey is also a sport where men these days dreamt of playing. Some would die to be a professional hockey player and be able to play in the coveted Stanley Cup Finals. That dream has become the life of these two hockey goalies who brought Boston Bruins to its limelight, Tom Thomas and Tuukka Rask made everything possible for this team. Winning awards and being the best goalies proved their audience how great these two are. Boston Bruins became the dream team and hurdled there way to every tournament making them undefeated for seven straight games and lead the league in GAA. It has been a fantasy football advice that led these two goalies to work smarter and play harder.

In the sport of pure strength and muscle, a fantasy football advice would work out as an inspiration to aspiring goalies either hockey or football. As a goalie, you need to be able to work smarter and be able to read your opponent’s mind. In those four corners of the goal, you need to study where, when and how they would attack and set score because if you don’t, they can easily outsmart you. Now the real game is playing harder, once you play harder you become the beast in that field, eating your opponents and protecting your territory like your the king of the pride. Every game is important as your last, don’t be slacking off because you know your opponent is mediocre, remember even the turtle outsmarted the rabbit because of pure hard work. Skills will never get you on top, hard work does, so stop relying on those skills because the smarter you are (partnered with hard work), the better you become. 

A fantasy football advice for aspiring goalies, protect your turf no matter what, because at the end of the day, no matter how hard your teammates play, if you don’t protect your goal smartly, your opponents can easily destroy your walls and set goal which will waste your team’s effort. Think of yourself as the guardian of a very important elixir that only you can protect and no one else. You need to be smart, observant and confident enough to be able to guard your turf and eat all the hits that your opponents attempt to set on your team’s goal. Like Tim Thomas who twice won the Vezina Trophy, Tukka Rask is also stepping into the limelight as the rock star goalies for Boston Bruins. Both goalies were part of the Bruins championship team in 2011.

It has always been a cliché for aspiring athletes (goalie) who dreamed of becoming the football and hockey players because winning every game is vital for every team and every goalie plays an important role in winning or losing the game. You train so hard that you even break because you become so frustrated about how you would want to play and protect your goal because you hold your team’s success at any point. Now the real thing of becoming a goalie is working smart and playing harder, you need to be able to read the mind of your opponent, try to outsmart their decision in setting a goal and getting a score. Know where they would want to hit, mostly it’s the blind spots that you never thought of or sometimes the most obvious hit that you think they wouldn’t dare to do. There’s a lot to every logic that goalies and players need learning about, and every football fantasy advice would play a good part in every training and advancement. Though these are pieces of advice, they are still important because they came from players who are experienced which is worth gold. As they always say, “experience is the best teacher “, and that’s what makes these advice precious as gold and diamond. Once you are in the field, never forget your mindset and the main reason why you are playing and protecting your team’s turf.

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