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How to Beat Casino Slots: Cheats vs Strategy

Posted on November 20, 2019 by Lisa Turnbull

What’s the best way to beat casino slots? Do the most common cheats still work? Can I put in place any particular strategies to win?

In this article, we are going to list you some common cheats that worked in the past (but don’t work anymore!).

Besides this, you’ll find a list of strategies you can make the most of to play at successfully. 

Common cheats ‘to beat’ slot machines 

Since slot machines have invaded the casino industry, astute players have invented many ways to cheat their systems. Some of them worked for a while. Some others were just unsuccessful attempts soon fell into oblivion.

Let’s see the most common cheats used to beat slot machines. 

1. Fake coins 

One of the most common strategies ever existed consists of using fake or shaved money.

Fake coins were pieces of metal which players used to replace normal coins to play without spending any real money. The inventor of this method was called Luis Colavecchio.

Shaved coins instead, were cheated coins that players used for playing at slots. At that time, the mechanism of the machine wasn’t able to recognise the cheat.

Both these tricks don’t work anymore.  

2. The yo-yo method 

A little hole inside the coin was used to tie a lace around it so to be able to get the coin back once inserted.  

3. Bill- validator device 

Using coins is not the only way to play at casino games. You can also use bills and this could be tricked too. You could easily bet 1 USD and make the sensor believe you were betting 100 USD. 

4. Cheat the slot machine system 

Falsify the coin shapes, using fake coins or bill validators were the methods used by players with no informatics skills.

Smart developers instead, found ways to cheat the machine systems by manipulating their code.

This was the case of Donald Harris, an engineer who changing the machines code was able to win easy money for many years.

Another practice that worked for long was to replace the original chips with tricked ones.

In Russia, a team of scammers cracked the slot machines random number generator system. This cheat was discovered only in 2017 when this team got arrested in the United States.

In 1990 in Nevada, a lady jumped inside a machine to change its reels.  The lady’s miscalculations brought her in prison.

Tommy Carmichael was another man able to collect winnings without spending a penny thanks to a system called the Monkey Paw for more than 40 years. Interestingly, after this period, he got arrested and started collaborating with the police.

The so-called Piano Wire was another successful method that worked for a long while. This consisted of manipulating the way the cogs and the reels worked.

Six common strategies to win at slots 

As we said, the cheats just mentioned don’t work anymore. Slot machines are now far more complicated and refined than they used to be.

Don’t waste your time looking for cheats, they are illegal (and now useless) ways of tricking the system.

Focus instead on a series of smart strategies to enhance your chances of winning.

Most of these tips derive from experience. For sure, there is no one size fits all.

Players have different playing styles. What works for you can be different from what works for another player.

Anyway, some useful strategies can help even new players to make the most of their games.

Here we are going to list the six most useful strategies you can use with slots. 

1. Choose slot machines with high RTP% 

One of the elements that make slots different from any other casino games is their higher RTP%. Among all other casino games, they are indeed the most rewarding ones.

If you want to increase your possibilities of winning, try to choose machines with an RTP% above 95%.

To find it out, read the online reviews. They can be very helpful to clarify your thoughts. Try games with a 99% RTP like Ocean Princess, Mega Joker, Ooh, Ahh Dracula. They are meant to be very rewarding.

Play at slots which make use of many bonus features like Scatters, Wilds or Gamble Features.

Even if you don’t win, the free spins you have collected by triggering these bonuses will make you play longer. 

2. Make use of bonuses 

Online casinos provide many bonuses and exclusive offers both to new and regular players.

If you want to win or at least play longer, make use of these bonuses. 

3. Start with simple slots 

If you have just started your adventure at online casinos, don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Choose a very easy to play slot. The classic 3-reels, a few pay lines can be your best option.

Break the ice first. The more you get accustomed to the machine architecture, the better you become.

Avoid over-complicated machines. 

4. Study the game main icons 

Yes, think you are back in school. If you want to win, you need to study. Get to know the icons and their values first. Familiarize with the slot machine you have chosen.

Try to get as much information as you can on the way it works, on its RTP% and volatility, the Wild and Scatter icons. 

5. Bet maximum on progressive slots 

The time has come. You think you are expert enough to play at progressive machines.

First thing first, you need to get a clear idea on the bet requirements to enter the jackpot mode.

To get eligible to jackpots, some progressive slots need a higher bet than when you play normal games.

Do your maths. Play it only when you can afford it.

6. Stick with your budget 

Choose a budget and stick with it whatever happens. You’ll limit the risks. You may think it is useless advice at first but in the long run, it can give you concrete results. Remember slow and steady often wins the race.

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