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Great Apps to Help You Enjoy Baseball More and How To Know Which is the Right One for You

Posted on December 03, 2019 by Andrea Scott

Ever since childhood, I have lived and breathed baseball. As the years went by, I was playing baseball all the time, so I barely had time to keep track of my favorite MLB teams. Currently, as a baseball coach, I have the same problems because my team takes up all of my time.

Gone are the days of being able to sit down and watch my favorite MLB teams every night. So I started looking for better ways to stay up-to-date on MLB news. I quickly came across this helpful website.

Top MLB & Baseball Apps

Now, I simply have to check my phone notifications for the latest baseball news and highlights. Here are a few major benefits from these apps that you can keep in mind as you check them out.

Get the latest news from the MLB

MLB apps make all of the latest news available to you at the touch of a button. These apps make it possible for you to keep up with your favorite teams, favorite players, and other news around the league. Whether you’re checking into the latest power rankings or figuring out which players had the most fantasy points, you can be a more informed fan just by checking your phone.

As the trade deadline approaches, the rumor mill will start churning out some drama. If you don’t want to be left out of the water-cooler talk at work, then you’ll want to keep up with the latest rumors on which big stars are on the move this year. And if this water-cooler talk involves fantasy baseball leagues and trash-talking opponents, you can use these MLB apps as a baseball reference site for the best fantasy baseball information.

Receive score updates

MLB and baseball apps are also very helpful for fans who want score updates on the go. With such a long season and teams playing nearly every night, it can be very difficult to watch every game. For fans who want score updates even when they can’t be watching the games, mobile MLB apps can provide them. You can receive notifications when your team scores, is in a crucial situation or makes a highlight-reel worthy play.

Sometimes, it can also be hard to keep up with the ever-changing schedule that MLB teams play throughout their long season. Let’s say you’re going about your day and expecting to watch your favorite team that evening for some Thursday night baseball action. However, you didn’t realize that they play at 4 PM that day instead. Your phone can notify you when the game starts and when your team scores.

Check in on up-to-date standings

On top of these MLB score updates, the apps can also be an at-the-ready reference for baseball standings around the league. As you keep up with the MLB standings, you can have ammunition ready for conversations and competitions with your friends as to whose team is better. And you’ll be able to keep up with standings on the smaller market teams as well so that you won’t miss a thing.

As the playoff races heat up, you can keep track of who will be the first to clinch a spot in the playoffs and who has some catching up to do. Figure out exactly what your team needs to do in order to make the playoffs with daily updates on the standings and division rankings. Every team has casual fans, but successful teams have informed fans who keep up with the standings.


MLB and baseball apps can help you be more than just a casual fan this season by keeping you up-to-date on standings, scores, and fantasy baseball statistics. Hopefully, this helps and let us know if there are any other apps you think are as great or even better.

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