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New versus Old Gaming Sites: What’s Better?

Posted on January 16, 2020 by Bjorn Thorson

Finding a reliable betting site was a real problem for many gamblers not so long ago. But with the recent strings of new gambling sites, a new issue has arisen. Where should people spend their money: new or old gaming sites?

Game Variety

Gone are the days when the only place you could find a good slot was at a casino launched before 2015. These days, many new gambling sites come loaded with slots, blackjack and poker games from the most respected software providers. 

Precisely, you can find hundreds of games from these providers no matter which new casino you visit:

  • Netent
  • Microgaming
  • Play’n GO
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • NYX Interactive
  • Betsoft

What’s more, you can find a collection of unique games from upcoming developers. That’s because the new crop of gambling sites is taking more risks and looking for games beyond the prominent brand-name software providers.

The takeaway: you can find the best casino games at both old and new platforms. However, more modern casinos feature games from a more extensive range of developers- which gives you more choices.

Web Interface and Features

Nearly every casino entering the market for the first time features a professionally designed website. Also, they feature animations, vibrant colour schemes and cheeky mascots to give players a casual feel.

Similarly, established casinos haven’t been lying down. Most of them have new web designs, some better than others. However, established casinos appear to be slower at moving away from the uptight themes old casinos are known for. has a great list of both old and new online casinos whose web interfaces you could compare before you make a decision. They all accept New Zealand dollars and have welcome bonuses. But also check out their web designs to decide whether you want a new or old casino.

The takeaway: both old and new gaming websites feature professionally designed websites these days. So, compare several gaming platforms to find out you will like. Look out for loading speeds, animated features and other intuitive icons that could improve your experience.

Bonuses and Rewards

New casinos aren’t as popular as their established counterparts. That means they have to offer better bonuses or risk running out of business. And sure enough, new gambling sites open and shut down each year.

However, those that are creative enough to market their games in a way that attracts customers galore are steadily growing in popularity. Click here to find the best new casinos. Many of them don’t give out the biggest rewards around. But they award sizeable bonuses that also come with manageable wagering requirements.

Speaking of wagering requirements, that’s a term that has seen so many old casinos run out of business.  Some of them had attractive welcome free spins. But they would hide their exploitive wagering terms until it was too late. As a result, they gained negative reputations and lost out to new, progressive casinos.

The takeaway: new casinos tend to have better bonuses and terms. But dig deep to learn about their terms and conditions. Sometimes you’ll find the best deals at established casinos. 


Similar to web designs, many old casinos also support new payment options. They allow crypto, mobile payment apps and virtually everything else new casinos support. The primary difference comes in how the two groups of gambling sites process wins.

On the one hand, old casinos haven’t changed some of the terms they used a decade ago. For example, they charge high deposit and withdrawal fees. Their limits might be too small or too huge. Again, some take weeks to process withdrawals.

By comparison, new casinos open up having observed players’ pain points. They understand customers want fast payouts and that’s what they offer even for players who win big amounts. Some focus on fees, eliminating or keeping them to a manageable amount. 

The takeaway: if you have a poor experience in how an online casino handled your deposit or withdrawal, try a new casino. Some offer same-day withdrawals—usually with little to no fees.

Mobile Gaming Features

At this age of mobile gaming, an online casino that doesn’t work on smartphones is doomed to fail. Luckily, both old and new casinos tend to work smoothly on android and iOS devices. Established casinos have the upper hand in that some also feature apps you could download.

By comparison, many new casinos work purely on the web. They have designed their websites to fit seamlessly on any smartphone or tablet. Games run smoothly, and you can have a pleasant experience. However, you can’t download the games.

The takeaway: you can play a wide range of slots and table games at both old and new online casinos. Some of the established platforms also give you the option to download their apps and games. However, downloading casino games is no longer necessary, which is why many new casinos work entirely on the web. 

Customer Support

Customer service is another problem new betting sites do better than their established platforms. That’s because of the same reason they excel at bonuses and payouts. Many of them were launched by avid players who got frustrated by old gaming sites.

As such, these casinos value customer support no matter what the complaint is about. They have live chatbots to allow you to communicate in real-time. They have working phone numbers and respond to emails quickly and professionally.

Of course, not every established casino offers unreliable customer support. Some excel at it. But the oldest casinos do not cooperate with customers or don’t find a benefit in it.

The takeaway: if you are having support issues at a casino, create an account at some of the new gaming sites. They have support staff who work 24/7. Thus, you’ll get help whenever you need it. 


When it comes to betting online, players pay loyalty to whichever website offers the best services. Due to that, new casinos that provide fast payouts, quality customer support and great games sometimes gain popularity pretty fast. And why shouldn’t they? They offer great value to a paying customer—something every customer deserves.

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