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Joker’s Jewels Slot Game Guide

Posted on May 24, 2020 by Lisa Turnbull

Joker’s jewels is an online video slot you can play at 666 casino inspired by traditional five reel slots, brought to you by Pragmatic Play. As with most of Pragmatic Play’s creations, you can enjoy this slot on the go.


Joker’s Jewels features five reels, each containing three symbols, set against a rich purple background. Unlike with most online slots, the pay table stipulating the payouts for each winning combination is situated just above the reels. Players can thus access the paytable without any trouble.

Joker’s Jewels contains eight symbols in total: Joker himself, a bonus crown symbol, a pair of booties, a set of three juggling clubs (blue, red and orange), a lute, and three jewels (a red diamond, a light blue ruby, and a dark blue pearl).

Cash prizes

In order for the slot machine to pay out, three or more identical symbols should occur across the reels from left to right (well mostly). There is one symbol that pays out for a combination of only two matching symbols.

The symbol with the highest value in this slot is the Joker, which pays out 5,000 for a combination of five, 1,000 for a combination of four and 100 for a combination of three. This is followed by the crown bonus symbol that pays out 1,250 for five, 250 for four, and 50 for three. The bonus crown symbol pays out in any position within a winning combination. The lute and set of clubs pay out 1,000 for five, 200 for four, and 50 for three each. The pair of red booties and red diamond pay out 200 for five, 50 for four, and 20 for three each. The ruby pays out 200 for five, 40 for four, and 20 for three. Lastly there is the pearl, which is the only symbol that pays out for a combination of only two matching symbols. It pays out 200 for five, 40 for four, 20 for three, and 5 for two.

Joker’s Jewels has a Return to Player rate of 96.5%, which means that over time you will win back about 96.5% of all the money you bet.

As mentioned before, the bonus crown symbol can form part of any winning combination. So you could end up with a win that you did not expect, or a bigger win than expected.

How to play

Before spinning the reels, choose a bet that suits you. This can be done by adjusting the settings at the bottom of the screen. You can choose how many coins you want to bet across each of the 5 betlines and what the value of these coins is. Just adjust these values until you end up with a total bet that suits you. The minimum total wager is set at 0.05 credits while the maximum is set at 25 credits.

Once your bet settings are adjusted to your liking, simply hit the spin button and hope for the best. The slot also has an autospin function as well as a quick spin function. You can thus spin the reels as fast as you want without doing a single thing.

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