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The Role of Baseball in the American Culture

Posted on August 07, 2020 by Bijoy Hembram

Playing baseball is a leisure and pass time activity for American families. Baseball plays a significant role in the development of children in the states. Most American baseball fans grew up knowing and playing baseball. This is the reason that millions of American citizens follow the sport.

A Brief History of the Sport

The history of baseball dates back to hundreds of years in the past. In the 1800s, the sport received recognition from the government and set on the path to create a formal league. The Major Baseball League came into existence in the 1900s. In the modern era, the Jackie Robinson jersey portrays the end of racial segregation in professional baseball.

Unity through Baseball

In the past, when America was undergoing a civil war baseball was a factor in unifying the people. Not only was the sport efficient in the unity of the North and South of America but it brought people together because of the athleticism and ability to play the sports. After the game broke the New York borders, the sport gained popularity as a national symbol of unity. The pastime was responsible for building a rapport between soldiers of the different sides and the conclusion of the war.

Fast-forward to modern times and the sport is a factor in unifying rivals in the global political scene. Amid the growing political divides in residents of Washington DC, the locals come together to support their team. The game presents the chance for Americans of different social and political views to put the differences aside.

The Timeless and Seamless Sport

The events of the sport on the field give Americans an understanding of the way of life. Time does not dictate the outcome of the game but what the player can perform of the pitch. There have been minimal changes to the play of the sport.

Colleges and schools are producing exceptional talent in the game. The love for the game runs in American families with initiation to the home team by the family since birth. It seems as the sport will not stop due to the continuous emerging stars from different states in America.

For the Love of the Game

A baseball game attracts the masses in the US with celebrities present at stadiums to cheer their teams. American people with little or nothing in common come together for a baseball game. The summertime is enjoyable for baseball lovers who watch go out to watch their favorite team. Carrying snacks and beverages for the game is part of the American culture.

Below are the reasons that baseball in America is popular than other global sports;

  • The on-field output of the player to the 27 outs is what matters. Not time limit.
  • There is less chanting on the crowds as all teams have equal chances in the game.
  • There are lots of games when the season starts. Teams play a couple of times in a week, unlike football matches that are scheduled for weekends and midweeks. 
  • The heated rivalries in the minor and major leagues pitting different regions make the sport popular and appealing to Americans.

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