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NFL Bitcoin Betting Made Simple

Posted on August 14, 2020 by John Harris

Betting on the NFL is quite as easy as watching the game itself. Yet, many people still find the whole idea quite intimidating.

Luckily for you, we take it upon ourselves to help neophyte bettors overcome this fear. We decided the best way to go about it is to craft a detailed NFL betting guide that touches on almost every you need to know about betting for one of the most watched sports in the world, football.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s dive straight in.

Single-game NFL Bets

When you open any NFL betting site in the link, one of the things you’ll notices is the following wagers displayed on each game: moneyline bets, point spread bets, and total bets.

These three types of wagers are always grouped together for each game. 

  • Betting the Moneyline

This is the easiest bet to understand, though less popular compared to the other two types of bets.

It’s simple: by betting the moneyline, you’re simply choosing the teams you suspect will win. The odds attached are the implied probability of the game swinging either way. These odds determine your actual payout.

They’re the simplest bet to make. The problem is that they have the lowest returns on investment.

  • Betting the Point Spread

This is the most popular type of bet.

The spread is referenced in different ways – betting the spread, betting against the spread (or ATS), or point spread betting.

Football games rarely match, and the spread is how sportsbooks try to level the playing field. In order to cover a spread or simply win one, your favoured team has to not only win the game, but win it by a specific number of points (or spread as it’s also referred). 

  • Betting Total

With this type of wager, you’re not betting for a favourite team or points. You’re instead betting on the total number of points.

How many points will be scored in total?

In some cases, you may bet “over” or “under.” For over, the total number of goals has to exceed a specified number for your bet to go though.

In the same vein, when betting under, the total number of goals should not exceed a certain number for your bet to sail through. 

Why Use Cryptocurrency to Bet on NFL?

Cryptocurrencies are preferred for betting because they offer the versatility that other form of currencies don’t.

When you exchange your fiat currency for bitcoins, you’re given some sort of anonymity to use for your future currency. And thanks to the kind of security offered, cyptocurrencies stand as the most viable option for online betting and casinos, considering all your vital information will at all times be kept secure.

The process of converting crypocurrencies to fiat currency is also a snap with most of these betting sites. As a matter of fact, the process doesn’t require any form of identity verification.

The only requirement is the two-factor authentication, which is great because it adds a second layer of authentication to your account. 

Strategies for Betting on NFL

If you’re serious about building your crypto bankroll through football betting, then we suggest you read the rest of this article.

Of course, luck plays a very important role in this. But to be a successful bettor, you have to learn to rely on a lot more than good karma.

You need a strategy and a solid understanding of the basic concepts of NFL betting. Speaking of which, this NFL guide for betting makes a good start. 

Dig Around for Line Movement and Injury Reports 

This is a critical item to look at. Football might be a fun game to watch, but it’s a punishing sport that always leaves its players with injuries.

Maybe you didn’t know, but a player’s availability is one of the factors that oddsmakers use to determine their set lines.

Because of this, you want to make an effort to update yourself on the latest player injury. Find out which players was injured, and if their condition could affect the outcome of the match. 

Mind the Stats

Numbers might lie, but they always hint towards something.

Stats are a dependable asset in helping us determine the future performance of a player or team. Every bit of information you can gather gets you closer to making an accurate prediction on the outcome of a match.

Scour around for all the stats you can find and use it to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team or player.

Look around for their weekly and offseason reports and try to find out what the team has been doing in their training camps.

The point is, you’re to use all these stats to boost up your confidence level in the bets you place. But most importantly, you’re pre warned against betting on anything until you’re very sure about it.

Know Your Bankroll Limit

Before you choose a strategy that works best for you, you first have to set your bankroll limit. The next thing you want to do is figure out how to best manage this bankroll.

You’re not supposed to randomly decide on how you’re going to place the bet. Everything must follow a plan, to manage losses and so as to be able to calculate your profits.

We suggest you use the flat betting strategy to manage your bankroll. In which case, you’re to bet with the same amount on each game, regardless of how much trust you have in the outcome. 

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