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How to Choose Suitable Baseball Gloves

Posted on October 09, 2020 by Aaron Nguyen

When it comes to choosing baseball gloves, you have a slew of options at your disposal. From different types of leather to varying degrees of comfort, your choice depends on multiple features.

But apart from these aspects, you also have to consider other factors such as your position on the field. This means that buying the right baseball glove isn’t just a matter of ordering the right fit. The process needs ample time and thought from your end.

From learning about outfield gloves to researching the material, here’s a lowdown on how to choose suitable baseball gloves for yourself.

Learn the Difference Between Pitcher’s Gloves, Outfield Gloves, and Catcher’s Mitts

One of the most critical factors in selecting the right glove is your playing position on the field.

For instance, if you play as a pitcher, then your glove’s primary purpose will be to hide your throwing position from the batter. But if you play as an outfielder or a catcher, your glove has to be shaped in a certain way that gives you maximum advantage through your position.

That is why you must keep your playing position in mind while selecting a glove. Fortunately, almost every vendor allows you to sort through baseball gloves by positions quickly. This ensures that you can make your selection without any compromise.

Assess the Overall Comfort and Protection Level of the Gloves

This particular factor usually refers to the way your glove is made, built, and designed.

No matter what position a glove is styled for, it has to excel at delivering optimal comfort and protection to the wearer. This is especially true for those positions where the ball comes towards the player at significant speeds. Outfield gloves are a shining example in this category, which easily allows players to absorb the ball’s force.

Ensure that the material and structure of your chosen glove can protect your hand during play. With it, it also needs to carry optimal weight to fit your personal preference and support your performance on the field.

Pick the Right Material for Optimal Durability

Almost all baseball gloves are made out of leather. But the main difference comes in the quality and performance of the material.

For instance, full-grain leather gloves are stiffer to the touch, but their overtime usage delivers exceptional reliability and performance. On the other hand, cowhide is softer to the touch but tears apart quicker than premium leathers.

These factors also stand true for kip leather, which is softer but durable. In case you want to go all out on your spending, you can select steer hide gloves that are tough yet sturdy. From infield to outfield gloves, these features are present in all types of choices. This makes it essential to learn about these differences.

By keeping these particular aspects in mind, you can easily select a baseball glove that suits your playing style, budget, and position. This helps you find the perfect fit and brings optimal performance to your games.

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