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How the Footstock Experience Differs from Those of Other Football Betting Sites

Posted on October 15, 2020 by Maine Richards

Football betting platforms have become popular in recent years as opposed to traditional betting, the outcome of your bet isn’t reliant on a single result. And along with the betting element, there are so many added features that make the virtual football experience appealing, immersive, and chock-full of thrills. There are three names that are currently making waves among football fans: the well-established Football Index and its newer competitors, SportStack and FootStock.

This article turns the spotlight on FootStock and what makes it different from its contemporaries. Having this information on hand should help you decide whether to join FootStock.

About FootStock

Footstock is an online football betting platform that’s headquartered in Cologne, Germany. It’s also fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Having only been released in 2019, it’s still a fairly new player and may be less prominent than Football Index, its predecessor in the niche. In recent months, however, FootStock has gained a lot of traction, thanks in no small part to their hosting of virtual tournaments. Many football fans now look forward to these in the absence of opportunities to attend live games.

FootStock allows its users to buy players connected to the Premier League with real cash. These players can then be entered into FootStock’s exciting fantasy football tournaments for handsome cash prizes. And it’s very easy to get started, especially when you can take advantage of a Footstock welcome bonus when you sign up to the platform using a referral code from FootStock Code, an official affiliate of FootStock. The deal consists of a 100% deposit match arrangement when you use FootStock Code’s referral code to join. Right after you sign up, you’ll have your initial deposit of up to £100 matched by FootStock. The sooner you join, the higher your chances of building a collection with great overall value.

Highlights of Using the FootStock Platform

Though FootStock has several things in common with its peer football betting platforms, certain features set it apart from the rest of the competition. Below are the highlights of trading, competing, and socializing on FootStock. 

Fantasy Football Tournaments

Arguably the most well-loved and most highly anticipated feature of FootStock are its fantasy football league competitions. FootStock’s tournaments allow bettors to pit their football smarts against each other for enviable cash prizes.

Some contests are completely free to play, and some require an entry fee. But the latter are also “rake-free,” meaning that 100% of all entry fees contribute towards nothing else but the final pot.

Player Purchases

In order to trade and participate in tournaments, FootStock users need to assemble teams of players. They do so by purchasing virtual cards of players in the Premier League. Players can be sorted into either the Basic, Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary categories. Prices are determined by an order book system.

If you’re on FootStock, you can start buying players as part of virtual card packs, which offer a random selection of them. With every purchase of a pack, you’ll be informed about your odds of acquiring rare and valuable player cards. It’s also possible for you to buy individual player cards in FootStock’s market.

With these cards, you can build the dream team to take you through FootStock’s fantasy tournaments. You can enter your players as many times as you like in a fantasy contest, up until the time you sell them or lose them in a game of Roulette. The only other time that you won’t be able to use players is if their real-life counterparts leave the Premier League.

A Dedicated Trading Platform

Realistically speaking, FootStock’s trading features are more of the cherry on top of its excellent fantasy football platform. It’s not yet as sophisticated as Football Index’s trading platform, whose signature is its dividends or fixed payout system. But like the rest of the FootStock platform, this trading feature is maturing as its popularity grows. Many bettors who’ve tried FootStock’s trading platform alongside Football Index’s and SportStack’s consider FootStock a fair second to Football Index. 

Secure, Reliable, and Multi-Platform Functionality

Another great advantage of FootStock is how reliable it is on multiple devices. You can use the site from either your desktop computer or your mobile phone. Its payment system, especially for prizes, has been lauded by users as quick and seamless. On top of all those, users enjoy 24/7 support from FootStock’s customer service staff.

Conclusion: Should You Join FootStock?

Football Index, SportStack, and FootStock all have different experiences to offer to their users. But those who want to be the most involved in fantasy football, and maybe casually involved in trading football stocks, should explore FootStock.

At FootStock, you can practice holding players either in the long term or in the short term. You’ll also learn to be smart about going prices for players, especially when fantasy tournaments are about to start. Lastly, you’ll be part of an online community that’s extremely passionate about football. If you join FootStock’s Slack, you can speak frankly about the game and pick up valuable advice about trading and fantasy contests. Above all, you’ll enjoy the thrills of the game with thousands of others while you anticipate the next time you can watch your favourite players in person.

Join FootStock today with a welcome bonus, and score real victories using your football smarts!

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