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Why Is Solitaire Still Popular After 30 Years?

Posted on October 21, 2020 by Sofia Mia

Different variations of Solitaire can be played nowadays on each mobile device. Whether you prefer to play free Solitaire on the tablet on your way to work or during the lunch break, you won’t even notice when it becomes your “guilty pleasure”.

The digital version of this game was launched by Microsoft at the beginning of the 90s, and millions of people have spent sleepless nights trying to beat their own records. There is an interesting fact that Solitaire card games were included in Windows 3.0 so as to tech users better operate the computer mouse by the repetitive clicking and drag-and-drop moves. However, it gradually became a popular tool for killing time, and moreover, many became obsessed with it. So, how to understand whether you are already addicted to Solitaire online and what to do in this situation?

What Makes Solitaire Game So Addictive?

Classic Solitaire has absolutely simple rules and ordinary gameplay. But still, it has become an international phenomenon! Thus, the question is how did it manage to attract so many people worldwide? Well, the answers will also explain why individuals get addicted to it so fast.

  • Solitaire puts you in a position to play against yourself. Surprisingly, for many, this can cause even more competitiveness than if they played against others. So, in this situation, even though you won a game, you keep playing to get a higher score than the previous one. Also, notice that the process of moving cards is quite random. Yes, you need to transfer then to put in a specific order but you never know what card will be opened next. This brings more excitement making one addicted to these emotions.
  • It helps you get away from problems. Numerous game fans mention that they started to play Solitaire when they were under huge stress. Therefore, Solitaire became a way that assisted them well in avoiding thinking about their problems and also made them satisfied with achievements in scores. Once they discovered how fun it is to play and how quickly they can get distracted from the daily routine, Solitaire became a kind of escapism for them.
  • Solitaire has repetitive actions that make players finish it quickly. In general, a game that has a reward that is easy and fast to achieve will always attract players. Therefore, when they feel that their morale is down, they prefer to play Solitaire to feel the pleasure of getting a quick reward and have a feeling of accomplishment.

When speaking of the problems you can face, there is also a need for mentioning the methods to avoid them. So, once you try your hand in Solitaire, set allocated time and don’t push this limit. Also, choose the variation like Pyramid or FreeCell that are more complicated and will keep your brain working hard. If you spend your leisure with Solitaire in a wise manner, you can even improve some soft skills such as decision-making under pressure, strategic thinking, and so on.


Solitaire is definitely a game that brings a lot of fun and relaxation. It gathered so many fans that they decided to create the National Solitaire Day on May 22. It is easy to play and still manages to attract new players every year with new challenges and versions. However, be attentive to the amount of time you spend playing Solitaire so as not to get addicted to it.

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