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How To Practice Your Swing Without Going To The Golf Course

Posted on April 30, 2021 by John Harris

As most golfers do, you can practice and master your swing even when you are at home.

However, people cannot go back to the course yet as they continue to face the most significant challenge yet due to the coronavirus pandemic – staying at home.

Playing golf needs a comprehensive course, and that’s one requirement most golfers couldn’t have unless you are a mad keen golfer like Justin Timberlake. The extended lockdown periods also avert movement and public gatherings as much as possible to avoid further spread of the coronavirus.

Although it is an open-air sport, golf courses and the way to get there pose different risks to its players. For now, focus on having an indoor physical routine to improve your swing. You can follow these bits of advice to achieve that.

Indoor Golf Facility

Owning an indoor golf facility is a dream come true for all golf enthusiasts. When we daydream of having one, the hefty price tag would instantly snap us out of it. 

Fret not, as there are indoor gaming facilities that don’t come in fancy forms. You can get some ideas about mini-golf setups on Pinterest and find the materials in thrift shops or the pile of trash in the basement.

If you got the cash to burn, why not allocate some of your funds to buy some launch mats, putting rails, smash bags, golf clubs, stroke blocks, and more training aids.

In addition, your indoor golf facility does not need to be as wide as the usual course. As long as it can fit the materials and you can do a full swing without hitting anything, the place is already perfect to become your practice area.

Golf Simulators

With or without an indoor facility, VR compensates for the lack of necessary space and tools as it lets you enter a pseudo golf course. In addition, golf simulators such as Skytrak make the game even more realistic with their accurate measuring functions.

While practicing with simulators improves your ability to hit golf balls in real life, this can also enhance your swing exponentially.

Apart from physical aspects, golf simulators create muscle memories you can use during the actual game. Alongside the endless practices with golf sims, watch video tutorials of golf gurus to pick up some tricks to hone your swings quickly.

Thus, you can get a better chance of swinging your body optimally.

Exercise And More Exercise

Nothing beats the power of physical routines in nurturing a robust body and form that could emit accurate shots. While technologies and facilities can assist you in taking your game to the next level, you must help yourself, too.

Exercising at home can develop your body’s capacity to perform full swings without causing too much damage. It is worth noting that golfing-related injuries primarily affect the player’s back, elbow, wrist, hand, and shoulder.

Fortunately, you can prevent these accidents with frequent exercise to keep the body resistant to damages. While going out at these times is both a struggle and a risk, do several swing workouts to strengthen your muscles and bones. 

Some of these exercises that would help are pelvic rotations, shoulder wall slides, tube walks, sword pulls, single-leg squats, and cable wood chops.

The coronavirus pandemic may have affected the lives of millions of people, but it has no power to affect your love for golf.

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