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15 Must-Have Accessories for Cyclists

Posted on May 19, 2021 by Zeeshan Khan

The number of cyclists on the road is growing every year. With more bikes comes more accidents and injuries and a higher demand for cycling gear to keep riders safe. No matter whether you go cycling casually or for long rides, it is essential to be geared with proper equipment all the time.

We know most beginners don’t feel like investing in many accessories, but these are the ones that keep beginners safe from unexpected turning points. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at fifteen must-have accessories for cyclists that will make your time spent cycling safer and more enjoyable!

  1. Cycling helmet: One of the essential pieces of cycling gear is a helmet. Helmets are designed to protect your head from injury in any crash, preventing skull fractures and other trauma. A bicycle helmet is a must-have for all cyclists under 18 years old or anyone cycling at speeds over 15 miles per hour on an outdoor bike trail. Most helmets come with foam pads inside for comfort and protection against sweat.
  2. Cycling gloves: Next up, we have gloves! Gloves not only provide protection when biking but help prevent blisters too. They also keep you warm in cold weather and allow riders to grip their handlebars better without getting sore hands over time (most modern gloves now even include gel padding). Cycling shoes should always be fitted with padded soles so that your feet don’t get uncomfortable on long rides.

3. Waterproof panniers: Panniers are the perfect cycling accessory for carrying luggage. They attach to either side of your bicycle and can hold plenty of things like extra clothes, food, or anything you need on a ride. A good set will also have straps that support heavy items so they won’t slip while taking turns or while you are cycling speedily.

4. Reflective clothing: To help drivers spot you and be aware of your presence on the road, it’s essential to keep reflective clothing close by at all times. Reflective cycling vests are an essential item – find one that has a high-visibility colour like neon yellow or orange for the greatest visibility during dawn/dusk hours. You can also get custom jerseys by athlos as many professional cyclists use them for utmost comfort on long rides.

5. Water bottle holder: Nothing is worse than being out on a ride and realizing that your water bottle can’t be reached. Make sure you carry an insulated water bottle to avoid this problem – it will keep cool for hours while cycling in hot weather or warm when cycling in cold climates.

6. Reflective tape: When riding at night, the reflective bike lights aren’t always enough to let drivers know where you are on the road. You should install reflective tape along the entire length of both sides of your bicycle frame (including wheel spokes) so cars approaching from either direction will see you clearly.

7. Cycling shoes: Cycling shoes are much stiffer than your average running shoe and have rigid soles which provide traction on the pedals. They are also loaded with comfortable padding so that you don’t feel uncomfortable after long hours of paddling the cycle. Besides, there isn’t much energy lost while transferring your push energy to the pedals. The stiff soles also help your chances of cramps and fatigue while keeping you fresh and ready for an extended ride.

8. Cycling gloves: These will protect you from sore palms, blisters caused by friction between skin and handlebars, as well as numbness in hands that comes with riding for hours at a time. They also give you a better grip, so it’s easier to keep control of your bike when cycling downhill or to lean into turns while biking uphill.

9. Tire pump: Keeping tires inflated is essential not only because having properly inflated tires dramatically improves rider safety and comfort (by preventing pinch flats) but also because overinflation can lead to rotational problems after prolonged use.

10. Safety vest: These vests come with reflectors inside them which makes cyclists more visible during low light conditions such as dawn, dusk, foggy days and heavy rain. Additionally, they’re lightweight and compact, so cyclists can wear them on hot days without having to worry about overheating.

11. Reflective cycling gloves: Having a pair of these might just be the most underrated accessory for cyclists. Reflective cycling gloves are perfect for nighttime riding because they have illuminating strips that make it easier for drivers to see you. So in case you don’t want to have reflective clothing, you can opt for reflective cycling gloves. But having both will always be beneficial for your safety in darker hours.

12. Water bottle cages: It’s important to drink plenty of fluids while cycling in order not only to maintain hydration but also to prevent cramps from dehydration. Having a water bottle cage on your bicycle allows you to carry more than one water bottle so that you don’t have to stop for drinks constantly.

13. Crates: If the cycling gear listed above isn’t enough, there are plenty of accessories like panniers and crates that can help make getting around easier. These include things such as baskets for carrying groceries or clothes in order not to come home with sweaty items from spending an afternoon at the mall! There’s also saddlebags that store everything but keep it close by when needed – perfect for those who want some extra storage space without having something heavy strapped onto their bike.

14. Bike light set with stand: A bike light set is essential if you like commuting or going out at night since it provides visibility during low light hours (i.e., foggy evenings). Rider safety will increase dramatically by being more visible and also by adding a stand to the front of your bike.

15. Lock & cable: Locks are important not only when commuting but also if storing your bike outside where it could be vandalized by people walking by during work hours (i.e., lunch break). Cable locks offer enough security on their own for low-risk areas, but they won’t deter large-scale thieves like chains would do.


These accessories will help make your ride safer so that you can focus on getting where you need to go without having any distractions!

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