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How Sabong Online Betting Is An Easy Way To Make Money

Posted on June 30, 2021 by Cathy Carter

One of the most popular pastimes is cockfighting, also known as “sabong.” This kind of “entertainment” is banned in many countries, but in the Philippines, this activity is perfectly legal. The country hosts international competitions and games called “Sabong Nation,” which attracts breeders, fans, and bettors worldwide.

In the Philippines, there is a long culture of betting on various events and games. One example is sabong or cockfighting. Of course, ardent animal rights activists may say that it is inhumane to make birds with metal spurs fight to the death. But the fact remains that sabong has been a part of Filipino culture for centuries. Sabong is a perfectly legal pastime that takes place on Sundays in sanctioned arenas. Matches can also be held during holidays and various other solemn occasions. While spectators bet on the outcome of these brutal matches, they also bet on the fascinating ones.

How to Win at Sabong Gambling

To increase your chances of winning at pinoy online sabong, you need to follow these rules.

  • Use strategy. It isn’t easy to find a strategy for cockfighting itself, but you can use a universal system. The result is simple: you need to bet until you win, and the amount you lose and the amount you want to succeed in the end will determine the amount of each subsequent bet.
  • Allocate your bets appropriately. Again, there is a specific strategy that is presented on online websites. You need to bet 1-3% of your balance; once you reach a 50% increase, you can recalculate the odds of a new bet.
  •  Remember self-control. Do not bet without thinking, without following your emotions, winning faster, or making an even bigger profit. Only analysis, selection, and calculation of promising events will lead you to victory.

How to Bet on Sabong for Beginners

The first step is to register. If you prefer the fastest way, select “1-click”. You can also register by phone number or by social media by connecting your account and getting the required information. The complete registration process takes place via email. Here, you will need to fill out a rather extensive form, but you will not need to retype this information afterward.

2. After registration is complete, log in to the site with your username and password. Complete your account profile. Now, deposit money into your account.

3. Select your deposit method. Note that withdrawals will be made with the same information. There are no other options. If you deposit in more than one way, your earnings will be distributed proportionally in that direction.

4. You will receive a bonus on your first deposit. You will then have to refund this money. This can be done within 30 days by participating in a race with three or more events. The minimum odds are 1.5, and the total bet must be five times the bonus amount.

Final Thought

Sabong is an established tradition in the Philippines. Still, as online gambling sites have become very popular in the casino industry in many countries, PAGCOR has approved pinoy online sabong.

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