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7 Reasons Why We Love the Paralympics 1

Posted on January 18, 2022 by Tom Buckland

Disability is not a barrier in sport – as long as you are passionate, dedicated, and talented, you can succeed. Nothing can stand between you and your goal to conquer the sports field. The paralympics have a lot in common with Olympics but there are some important differences. Instead of the iconic interlocking rings, the Paralympic Games has its Agitos: three swoops in green, red, and clue that depict the Paralympic motto, “Spirit in Motion”.

These games are just as competitive and riveting as the Olympic Games, and we can bet you that once you start watching, you will fall in love. Here’s 7 reasons why we absolutely love the Paralympics!

1.      Social Inclusivity

The Paralympics are making sports more inclusive and diverse. Previously, sports could only be played by full-abled athletes, but this tournament was opened doors for everybody. The Paralympic Games offers people living with a disability a platform to showcase their talent and compete with other talented athletes.

This social inclusivity allows sports to be more fun and enjoyable for people all around the world, and it inspires people to not let a disability decide their fate. These games are changing the landscape and future of sports.

2.      Sports That Are Highly Unique

There are many sports that you will only have the pleasure of watching at the Paralympics. Goalball is played by two teams of three blind or visually impaired athletes who throw a heavy ball with a bell inside across the opposing team’s net. The defenders have to block their progress with their bodies and while they stop the opposing team from securing a point.

Another game, Boccia, features some of the most talented athletes at the Paralympics. This game is similar to bowling: the teams or individuals are required to roll, kick, or throw balls, aiming to hit them as close to a target as possible.

3.      Drug Testing

All Paralympic athletes are subjected to the same restrictions on substances as Olympic athletes. Nicole Sapstead, the director of Operations at UK Anti-Doping says “It’s a common misconception that a lot of Paralympians will be on prescription drugs. That’s not the case at all”.  Any player who requires additional medication for treatment or pain must apply for an exemption. There is no special treatment, nor is there any impunity offered to athletes.

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The 2014 Paralympics: 6 Reasons Why You Need to Watch 1

Posted on January 23, 2014 by Dixie Somers

The 2014 Winter Paralympics will take place March 7-16.

The 2014 Winter Paralympics will take place March 7-16.

The 2014 Paralympics take place in Sochi, Russia, March 7-16. There are six different sports comprising the Winter Paralympics. With over 72 separate events taking place, and Sochi Olympic Stadium as the main venue, the Paralympics are a must see for sports fans. Though these are all cold-weather sports, the competition remains heated as the athletes vie to win the coveted medals. There are, in particular, six reasons why nobody will want to miss the television coverage this year.

Russia is the Host
2014 represents the return of international Olympic contests to Russia. The last time Russia hosted this level of athletic competition was in 1980. Viewers should use the Paralympics coverage as a window into the changes in the country since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The networks will provide discuss life Sochi and offer narratives of its history. For many, these Games will be the first time in decades they have witnessed extensive television broadcasts from inside Russia. As a rising economic powerhouse, the nation will want to demonstrate its potential to the world.

Alpine Skiing
Watching skiers ride down the slopes at breathtaking speeds is always a delight. The courses on this level are among the most challenging in the world. The Paralympics add more reason to view. Some of the participants have missing limbs. These athletes have overcome their physical impairments to remain internationally recognized champions of the sport. Some must sit, others can stand, while a few are even visually impaired. The events include downhill, slalom and combined courses. Read the rest of this entry →

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