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Women’s Tennis: Hear Them Roar 15

Posted on August 05, 2009 by JA Allen
If you are going to watch Michelle Larcher de Brito play tennis, then you better not forget your ear plugs.

If you are going to watch Michelle Larcher de Brito play tennis, then you better not forget your ear plugs.

According to her detractors, while playing, 16-year-old Michelle Larcher de Brito of Portugal emits full-bodied screams that register 109 decibels or the noise level of a racing car revving to full speed.

During the 2009 French open, Aravane Rezai complained to the umpire about the noise emitting from the teenage Portuguese girl.

Larcher de Brito was so loud at the French Open that the crowds there booed her. Well, you know the French—it takes a great deal for them to turn on a fine looking female!

The full impact of her noise level focused the media once again on the issue of grunting because Larcher de Brito was really bellowing. She makes no apologies saying, in effect, “get over it!”

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