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Jets vs. Bills: Jets Look To Get Back On Track

Posted on October 17, 2009 by Richard Marsh
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins

After a last second loss to the Dolphins, Mark Sanchez and the Jets will look to get back on track against the Bills.

There hasn’t been much talk around Jets land this week about this upcoming game with the Buffalo Bills Sunday. I can think of two reasons for this. One, the last time Jets players opened their mouths about an opposing team, the Miami Dolphins put a 31 on their pie holes and the talking suddenly stopped as fast as it started.

The second thought is that nobody is taking Buffalo very seriously. They have the 25th ranked defense in the league and their offense has been virtually non-existent. Ever since they blew a fourth quarter lead against New England in week one, the Bills have looked like they don’t even belong in the NFL.

Bart Scott was absolutely politically correct when he was quoted this week saying about the Bills, “They’re all professionals. The last time I checked they have some great players”.

I agree, they do especially their running back tandem of Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch. Trent Edwards is a proven NFL Quarterback, and the last I checked Terrell Owens is always capable of having a breakout day.

There is a reason for the expression “On any given Sunday”, because it has happened so many times over the years.

The Jets can not get complacent here or they’ll find themselves behind in the 4th quarter and that’s not what is expected at the Meadowlands tomorrow.

Rex Ryan has called this game ” A must win” which may or may not be true for a week six game but he wants to make his players understand that anything less than a win and an excellent performance will not be tolerated.

Buffalo is coming off their worst game of the season, a 6-3 loss at the hands of the hapless Cleveland Browns. I watched part of that game and I needed a quart of Mountain Dew to stay awake.

Terrell Owens has been relatively well behaved so far this season, but with only 12 catches through four games, you wonder how long that will last.

Terrell Owens has been relatively well behaved so far this season, but with only 12 catches through four games, you wonder how long that will last.

The Jets defense has got to get back on track. They haven’t recorded a sack in either of their last two games but I expect this to change with Buffalo nursing a makeshift offensive line.

This could also prove to be a breakout game for young Quarterback Mark Sanchez. He will be without two wide receivers and he must be prepared to look to other receivers besides Braylon Edwards.

Buffalo will have to play close to a perfect game to beat the Jets. Are they capable? Perhaps, but the Jets at least this week seem to have too many weapons, the least of which is motivation which they are not lacking at all.

This game should be over by halftime.

Prediction: Jets 38 – Bills 10

Richard Marsh is a die-hard fan of the Mets and Jets. He is the author of “The Blog” From Vegas Rich and is also a featured contributor on Bleacher Report.

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