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College Football Bowl Challenge: Can You Top The Zultan?

Posted on December 08, 2009 by JA Allen

Yes, he is back all bright-eyed and bushy tailed!

Zultan, the all-seeing seer, has listened to your pleas to return and has decided to accede to your wishes to predict winners of the upcoming bowl games played by the Big Ten and other less illustrious conferences. (That had to be said in deference to my insistent, strapping Big Ten in-laws.)

There are, as you well know, 34 bowl games including seven Big Ten matchups—but Zultan only has time and space to consider the top 20. It is the holiday season and Zultan is in heavy demand helping the Big Guy in the Red Suit calculate his future after being evicted from Notre Dame land.

As usual you are free to challenge Zultan to see if you can outguess the mighty prognosticator—but the road ahead is filled with pitfalls and disappointment. They don’t call me a seer for nothing!

Click here to enter your own picks to see if you can best the mighty Zultan—and win a prize for your efforts—a $100 gift card at Best Buy, WalMart, or Target—you choose.

All who enter regardless of results will also be eligible to win a CD titled “The Best College Football Fight Songs”—a significant find because Zultan actually performs on one track of this rare CD! Two lucky winners will be awarded a CD at the conclusion of the contest.

Zultan’s Bowl Predictions for the 2009 College Football Season

(1) Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, Miami (9-3) vs. Wisconsin (9-3), Dec. 29

Both teams suffered some disappointments during a year of high expectations. Miami wishes to springboard over the Badgers into 2010. They will do just that. Pick Miami.

(2) Humanitarian Bowl in Boise, Bowling Green (7-5) vs. Idaho (7-5), Dec. 30

Nobody likes to play on the blue fields in Boise. It is great that Idaho is back playing in a bowl game for the first time since 1998. Will bowl-ready Bowling Green be able to defeat the Idaho Vandals in Boise? It is home turf. Pick Idaho.

(3) Holiday Bowl in San Diego, Arizona (8-4) vs. Nebraska (9-4), Dec. 30

Two top-rated defenses meet. The team that almost beat Texas, 13-12, meets the team that upset USC, 21-17. Zultan sees Arizona spoiling a Husker New Year! Pick Arizona.

(4) Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, Houston (7-5) vs. Air Force (10-3), Dec. 31

The irresistible force meets the immovable object—the best offense meets the stiffest defense. This time of year Zultan seeks entertainment and waits for Houston to light up the skies over Air Force. Pick Houston.

(5) Sun Bowl in El Paso, Oklahoma (7-5) vs. Stanford (8-4), Dec. 31

This promises to be one of the best non-BCS bowls to watch. Oklahoma is accustomed to the climate in Texas while Stanford plays better at home. Pick Oklahoma.

(6) Texas Bowl in Houston, Navy (8-4) vs. Missouri (8-4), Dec. 31

Missouri has been hot, hot down the stretch. No reason for the Tigers to stop now. Navy has had a great run but will be pinned down by the Tigers. Pick Missouri.

(7) Insight Bowl in Tempe, Minnesota (6-6) vs. Iowa State (6-6), Dec. 31

Wow, two 6-6 teams with equal chances to win and equal chances to lose. That constitutes a toss-up. So, Zultan will pick the Big Ten team because, in the end, Brewster has more to lose. He needs this victory to ensure his tenure. Pick Minnesota.

(8) Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta, Virginia Tech (9-3) vs. Tennessee (7-5), Dec. 31

Returning to where they began the season in a loss to Alabama, the Virginia Tech Hokies will find redemption in the Georgia dome with a victory over Tennessee. Pick Virginia Tech.

(9) Outback Bowl in Tampa, Northwestern (8-4) vs. Auburn (7-5), Jan. 1

Northwestern is riding a winning wave at the end of the season. Auburn is on a losing streak. Will the Wildcats be able to lord it over Auburn? Not quite. Pick Auburn.

(10) Capital One Bowl in Orlando, Penn State (10-2) vs. LSU (9-3), Jan. 1

Penn State’s defense will rise to the occasion and take possession. Pick Penn State.

(11) Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, West Virginia (9-3) vs. Florida State (6-6), Jan. 1

Zultan wishes to see Bobby Bowden and Florida State go out a winner. He will regardless. Sentimental—Pick Florida State.

(12) Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Ohio State (10-2) vs. Oregon (10-2), Jan. 1

This is the Granddaddy of all the Bowls and a favorite of Zultan who loves to see the Big Ten bring home the bouquet. He will not be disappointed. Pick Ohio State.

(13) Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Florida (12-1) vs. Cincinnati (12-0), Jan. 1

Florida and Mr. Tebow have to be fussing and fuming. Zultan feels they will take it all out on distracted Cincinnati. Pick Florida.

(14) Bowl in Birmingham, S. Carolina (7-5) vs. UConn (7-5), Jan. 2

Hard to say which offense may find its footing in Birmingham while both defenses rock solid. Pick S. Carolina.

(15) Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Oklahoma State (9-3) vs. Ole Miss (8-4), Jan. 2

So much early promise fades to so much disappointment. Who will live to bounce back higher? Pick Ole Miss.

(16) Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Arkansas (7-5) vs. East Carolina (9-4), Jan. 2

Conference USA champ vs. SEC middle of the pack. East Carolina fares better on the road, but the SEC is the best conference. Pick Arkansas.

(17) Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, Michigan State (6-6) vs. Texas Tech (8-4), Jan. 2

Zultan wonders if any of Michigan State’s players will be playing on this day? Suspended for a fraternity row. Shame, really. Pick Texas Tech.

(18) Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Boise State (13-0) vs. TCU (12-0), Jan. 4

Two undefeated teams who hoped to prove their power to the world, not each other. Zultan goes with the Horned Frogs to leap to victory over the Broncos of Boise State. Pick TCU.

(19) Orange Bowl in Miami, Iowa (10-2) vs. Georgia Tech (11-2), Jan. 5

Speed or power—who will hold the edge? Zultan gives the nod to the Iowa Hawkeyes, whose storybook season will conclude with a happy ending over the Georgia Tech Yellow-Jackets. For Mom. Pick Iowa.

(20) BCS National Championship in Pasadena, Texas (13-0) vs. Alabama (13-0), Jan. 7

This is the BIG one—the one everyone will say did not provide the best matchup to determine the national championship because whoever loses should not have been playing in the first place. Yeah, Zultan has heard it before. He will hear it about Texas this year as the Longhorns die early in Pasadena under the Tide assault. Pick Alabama.

Zultan predicts that the Big Ten will win more than one game during this bowl season and the Big Ten will find the redemption they seek!

Zultan bids you all a fond farewell until next fall. You will not hear the sultry seer’s voice again—that is unless you win one of those fight song CDs. Then you might recognize his voice wafting across the air waves…sayonara, soothsayers…

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