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College Football Bowl Challenge: Can You Top The Zultan? 4

Posted on December 08, 2009 by JA Allen

Yes, he is back all bright-eyed and bushy tailed!

Zultan, the all-seeing seer, has listened to your pleas to return and has decided to accede to your wishes to predict winners of the upcoming bowl games played by the Big Ten and other less illustrious conferences. (That had to be said in deference to my insistent, strapping Big Ten in-laws.)

There are, as you well know, 34 bowl games including seven Big Ten matchups—but Zultan only has time and space to consider the top 20. It is the holiday season and Zultan is in heavy demand helping the Big Guy in the Red Suit calculate his future after being evicted from Notre Dame land.

As usual you are free to challenge Zultan to see if you can outguess the mighty prognosticator—but the road ahead is filled with pitfalls and disappointment. They don’t call me a seer for nothing!

Click here to enter your own picks to see if you can best the mighty Zultan—and win a prize for your efforts—a $100 gift card at Best Buy, WalMart, or Target—you choose.

All who enter regardless of results will also be eligible to win a CD titled “The Best College Football Fight Songs”—a significant find because Zultan actually performs on one track of this rare CD! Two lucky winners will be awarded a CD at the conclusion of the contest. Read the rest of this entry →

College Football Zultan Finishes Regular Season In Style 0

Posted on November 23, 2009 by Dean Hybl
The Zultan finished the regular season with a big performance.

The Zultan finished the regular season with a big performance.

After toying with his loyal followers throughout the entire season, the Sports Then and Now Zultan showed his true power in the final week of the “Top The Zultan” regular season.

Recognizing that Les Miles was due for an implosion, he correctly predicted that Mississippi would upset the LSU Tigers. He also bested most challengers by correctly predicting victory for Purdue, Oregon and BYU when many thought otherwise.

For the first time since the opening week of the contest, not a single contestant could beat the 7-3 mark of the Zultan.

After finishing the regular season with a success rate of 72 percent (80 of 111), the Zultan is enjoying a much deserved rest as he prepares for the challenge of the upcoming Bowl season.

Throughout the season, there were a few souls who did manage to “Top the Zultan” at least once.

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College Football Week 11 Predictions: Can You Top The Zultan? 5

Posted on November 10, 2009 by JA Allen

Zultan in complete disguise is hiding out in a convent in the upper Himalayas.  The Big 10 reduced the mighty seer’s reputation to rubble. The great one’s efforts to enrich the storied conference’s prestige was diminished and degraded last week as Zultan missed 4 of 6 picks in the Big 10.  The disgrace has reduced the great ones caloric intake to 3000 a day…need I say more?

Zultan’s Mom is also in rehab after the Iowa loss.  She is expected to pull through if Iowa defeats Ohio State in the Horseshoe.  Who are we kidding here?  Mom is toast.

Zultan scraped bottom this past week going only 5 for 10 in his assault upon college football oddsmakers.  This represents a season low for the sultry seer who falls to 74 per cent on the year picking 67 of 91 through November 7.

As for the rest of the Big 10, the seasoned seer has given up all scientific forms prognostication and is drawing winners names out of a caldron.

The most compelling contest on Saturday in the Big 10 takes place in Columbus Ohio where the Iowa faithful will pray for a Hawkeye miracle. That is what it will take for Iowa to remove the stake through the heart handed them by the traditional media nay-sayers.

So get in line to test the waters this week as the Big 10 plays for post season glory. The challenge is yours – the question remains – do you feel lucky?  Because keep in mind that Zultan has gone underground where aberrant forces love to wreak havoc with predictable outcomes…
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College Football Week 10 Predictions: Top The Zultan 2

Posted on November 03, 2009 by JA Allen
The Zultan is ready to banish the entire state of Michigan.

The Zultan is ready to banish the entire state of Michigan.

Zultan was betrayed by the entire State of Michigan last Saturday. The mighty seer would have been perfect on the day had it not been for this lowly state. Zultan has requested that Canada annex Michigan as a new province because both Michigan and Michigan State are now banished from Zultan’s kingdom. Maybe the Wolverine State needs a Big Blues Clue! Let them flounder in the Northern Regions.

This week, despite the record number of challengers who sensed the mighty one was vulnerable, only two surpassed the peerless Zultan, going 9 of 10. Zultan, because of Michigan and Michigan State stood at 8 for 10 or 80 percent. On the season, Zultan simmers at 77 percent picking 62 of 81 through October 31st.

The most inscrutable contest on Saturday in the Big 10 takes place in Beaver Stadium where Ohio State comes calling in a place only the locals think of as “happy.” Another impossible call presents itself when LSU arrives in Tuscaloosa to play Alabama. These are just two of the many difficult challenges ahead for the all-seeing seer of seers.

Is this the week when you are finally going to stand up and be counted among Zultan’s peers? The challenge is yours – the question remains – do you feel lucky? Because keep in mind that Zultan has more than luck on his side – a warning for the faint at heart…
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College Football Week 9 Predictions: Top The Zultan 5

Posted on October 28, 2009 by JA Allen

Zultan abandoned his natural inscrutable psychic forces and went with science last weekend, to his detriment.

The bumps on his head should have led the all-seeing phrenologist to realize that the Huskers were shucked unable to stand against the full force of a Cyclone. It should have revealed that a Horned Frog was more resilient against first-down evolution than a Cougar. Finally, Zultan should have sensed that the Nittany Lion was in command against the lowly Wolverine.

Once again the mighty Zultan was 7-for-10, or 70 percent—on the season, the magnificent one stands at 54-of-71, or 76 percent.

Zultan dismisses silly science for the board this week. It is the season of sunset for foolish football fanatics…

Last week, 13 rank amateurs conspired to make Zultan look bad by outguessing him. Tireless Zultan does all the work and these interlopers sap his well-earned glory. This week Zultan lives to make them all rue the day they dared to disagree with the mighty one.

Care to test your puny predicting powers against Zultan—Big Ten Seer for the Ages? Only the great one has mastered the movements of the football forecasting fool-proof Ouija board…beware of the Zultan…

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College Football Week 8 Predictions: Top The Zultan 1

Posted on October 21, 2009 by JA Allen

What do a Buckeye, a Sooner and a Hokie have in common?  They all lost last weekend and ruined Zultan’s life!  The mighty seer expected so much more – like a victory!  Now the mighty one lives in torment as nine bested the exalted soothsayer, leaving him shrouded in shame.

Last week Zultan was 7 for 10 or 70 percent – do you get this percentage stuff yet?  On the season – the all-seeing one climbs to 47 of 61 or 77 percent to date.

Phooey on amateurs is all Zultan says as he readies his magnificent mind for the impossible week ahead.  This is where we separate the men from the boys, the bad from the ugly – the dazed from the confused. Get ready to rumble because Zultan is charged, firing on all mental cylinders.

Do you feel favored enough to pit your puny predicting powers against Zultan – Big 10 Seer for the ages?  Time to take your turn at the big wheel…
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