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Brady or Manning: Who Is The Best All Around QB?

Posted on January 12, 2010 by Joe Gill
Who is the best all around qb?

Who is the best all around qb?

This is the debate that may never be answered.

The arguments of all arguments.

Who is the best quarterback in the NFL today?

Is it Tom Brady? Peyton Manning?

Some can even make an argument for “Big Ben” Roethlisberger. However, I think Roethlisberger needs about four more years to add to his body of work before he can be held in the same breath as Brady and Manning.

So how do we make the determination of who is the best all around quarterback? What variables will be used to measure both quarterbacks?

Who is the better all-around quarterback?

  • Peyton Manning (86%, 18 Votes)
  • Tom Brady (14%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 21

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Variable: Regular Season Wins

Brady is 97-30 since he took over the starting job back in 2001(8 seasons). You also have to keep in mind that he only started 14 games in 2001 season and missed all but 7 minutes in 2008.

Manning is 131-61 in 12 seasons in the NFL.  That averages to an 11 wins per season. Brady has averaged 12 wins a season over his career

Advantage: Brady

Variables: Completion %, Yardage, Touchdowns, Interceptions, Int %

Tom Brady’s career numbers versus Manning’s are as follows:

Completion %: 63.3 vs. 64.8

Yardage: 30,844(projected for 12 years-46,266) vs. 50,128

Touchdowns:   225(projected for 12 years-337) vs. 366

Interceptions: 99(projected for 12 years-148) vs. 181

Interception %: 2.3 vs. 2.8

Advantage: Brady/slight edge

It’s tough comparing apples to apples because Manning has played four more years. Another factor to consider is each quarterbacks’ wide receiving corps. Manning has had the luxury of playing with some of the elite receivers in NFL history. Marvin Harrison (12 years with Manning) and Reggie Wayne (9 years with Manning) are far better than any wide receivers that Brady had.

Brady has done more with less. Granted he had that historic year in 2007 with Randy Moss, but Brady has only played two seasons with Moss. Deion Branch is a poor man’s Reggie Wayne at best. Prior to 2007, Brady did not have the high caliber weapons that Manning has had throughout his career.

Variable: Playoff Record

Tom Brady is 14-4 in the playoffs (includes the 2009 loss to the Ravens) and Peyton Manning is 7-8. This is the variable that puts Brady over the top. Having great regular season stats gets you Pro Bowls and MVP’s, but not championships.

Dan Marino and Dan Fouts had incredible stats but never won the big one. This has always been the black cloud that loomed over them.

Manning does have a ring on his resume which puts the cherry on the top of his great legacy. However, he only has one. Brady has three and Big Ben even has two. The bottom line in the NFL is Lombardi Trophies and you need to chalk up this variable to Brady as well.

Based on the variables, Brady gets the edge.

Based on the variables, Brady gets the edge.

Advantage: Brady

In closing, Brady and Manning are BOTH incredible talents, quarterbacks and leaders. I am a Patriots fan but I will give Manning his due. He is an incredible pure passer even better than Tom Brady.

Manning has been blessed with far superior physical skills than Tom Brady. He is a better athlete, there is no argument there. He puts up mind blowing numbers.

However, Brady has “it”. He is probably the most intelligent quarterback in the NFL. He has incredible pocket presence and decision making skills. Tom Brady is an incredible leader and is cool as a cucumber under pressure. He is a winner hands down.

The Brady haters will point to this past season (2009) and his shaky play. Brady didn’t play great, there is no argument there. He was beaten up with rib and finger injuries. Experts have also said it takes a full year to get right again after a devastating knee injury.

Brady did have great numbers even with all these ailments. His 28 touchdowns and 4398 passing yards are his second best numbers beside the historic 2007 season. How many quarterbacks in the NFL would kill for this “off” year?

If Manning wins a championship this year, he will have a stranglehold on the second place position behind Brady for the Best All Around Quarterback. When and if Manning wins two more Super Bowls and Brady is held in check, then he would be the king of the mountain.

But it’s extremely difficult to win a Super Bowl never mind two.

Let the debate begin!

Joe Gill is a featured blogger for Boston Sports Then and Now

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