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How Technology Has Changed Sporting Events 1

Posted on July 29, 2015 by Cassie Phillips

Have you ever considered the way in which you watch your game, and how it might be different from decades past? Smartphones and video-streaming computers are really inventions perfected in the last two decades, but everyone acts as though they’ve always been here. When it comes to sports, we are going full steam ahead to see things that are conservative by their very nature, and that balance is a delicate thing to consider.

There have been different, small advancements in technology and improvements in sports medicine have changed how long player’s careers are and pushed their bodies to the limit. Yet for the common fan of nearly any sports, the advancements have been in how they watch it and the options available for viewing. You can watch the game from two sets of commentators, hear a variety of radio stations talk about it, and so on. The relative ease of setting up a station means that, if you want, you can spend every waking moment of your life surrounded by sports and sports talk-shows. The fans have never had it easier, but it important to put it into perspective.


Replays and Multiple Cameras

During the dawn of the sports era in America, having just a couple of cameras to watch on a black and white screen was a technological achievement all sports fans asked for. Now HDTV on a TV greater than 30 inches is the new norm. Every little detail is displayed, and that leads to an extra level of scrutiny on all levels, especially when there are at least ten cameras at every major sporting event. It makes one wonder just how the players are affected by the extra pressure and attention.

You can now find instant replay of referees taking a look at instant replay. There used to be no such thing; now every sport on television has it, and some officials use it on the field or are just starting to open up its use. It is as if we are starting to not trust our officials anymore. If you watch a full baseball game start to finish, you will see the same big play about four times spread out over the nine innings just so that the broadcasters can remind you that it happened. Do they trust our attention spans anymore? Are we as fans becoming this bored with the games we love that we require all of this technology? Read the rest of this entry →

Examples in Excellence: Most Inspiring Coaches of the Last Decade 0

Posted on July 24, 2015 by Brooke Chaplan
Jill Ellis has been successful building the U.S. Women's Soccer Team into a team of stars.

Jill Ellis has been successful building the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team into a team where everyone plays their role.

The greatest sports coaches have the power to inspire their athletes to be better than they’ve ever been and change the whole dynamic of a team. We’ve all seen what an amazing leader can do for an otherwise scrappy team, and here are just a few of the most remarkable examples of the last decade.

Build Teams with Great Players, Not One Great Player
Jill Ellis experienced incredible training as a young coach at UCLA when she was mentored by John Wooden. Now she is the manager of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team.

Ellis creates a clear team concept and teaches each player their role within it. At her father’s suggestion, she learned communication outside her sport. For a while, she was a technical writer. Now she can explain her team vision and help her players to be their best within it. Her background was able to prepare her for seeing a big picture and what each part needs to do to organize a working machine.

Leadership by Listening
Steve Kerr was the first rookie head coach in the NBA to win the championship since 1982. The Golden State Warriors were a team of current and future all-stars, but they needed someone who could pull all the pieces together.

Kerr created a system based on the strengths of his players to maximize the team’s performance. He also empowered his coaching staff to share their ideas and listened to everyone. Most significantly, in the NBA Finals, an assistant coach wanted to change the starting line-up to help them deal with the previously unstoppable LeBron James. Kerr accepted and implemented the idea. Not only did it work, Kerr publicly identified his assistant as the source of the idea. This is one example out of dozens of Kerr giving credit to others for the team’s success.
Read the rest of this entry →

Why Should You Bet With SBOBET? 1

Posted on July 20, 2015 by Kimberly Powell

As the name suggest, SBOBET is a renowned and reputable name in the world of betting and gambling. It is a duly licensed casino that offers multiple options to the users when it comes to sports betting as well as casino gambling. Players or bettors may enjoy betting on multiple casino games as well as sports as per their choice. To its credit, SBOBET casino has also bagged Winner of the Asian Operator of the Year Award in the years 2009 and 2010. It is a one-stop shop that offers a unique and complete gambling pleasure and experience to its clients. Here you can find vast range of casino games as well as real-time sports gambling. That is why this casino is quite popular among the gamblers. Here are some of the important reasons as to why you should also bet with SBOBET.

Vast variety of games- As stated above, SBOBET makes available a vast variety of casino games to the users. You can find card games, scratch card games, keno, live dealer games, and almost all the common casino games that are liked by gamblers.

Sports betting- Apart from casino games, SBOBET also gives you the option to bet on different types of sports such as football, horse racing, as well as almost all the international sporting events. It means you can enjoy these sports activities and at the same time get a chance to earn something handsome by betting on these games.

Live or mobile gaming/betting- It is yet another important reason that may tempt you to bet with SBOBET. You may access this famous casino anywhere at any time just with a single click or tap on your mobile device. There is no need to download or install the casino. You just need to login through your user name and start playing games. Similarly, you may also bet through your user account. Read the rest of this entry →

Should Athletes Really Be Role Models? 2

Posted on July 17, 2015 by Ashley Andrews
Charles Barkley has made it clear that he is not a role model.

Charles Barkley has made it clear that he is not a role model.

While many still ponder the question–the likes of Charles Barkley come to mind–the question has already been definitively answered. Between cut scenes of him dunking a basketball on a practice court, he earnestly tells the camera:

I am not a role model. I am not paid to be a role model. I am paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court. Parents should be role models. Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.

This was a Nike ad during the heyday of the “Just do it” campaign. When the words, “Just do it” appeared at the end of the commercial, it is not obvious if they are referring to playing basketball, or raising your own kids in a responsible manner. What they most definitely exclude is the idea of using Barkley, or any other athlete as a role model for how you, or anyone else, should live their lives.

There are all kinds of reasons why Barkley’s words should be heeded. Here are a few:

Athletes Make Poor Life Choices

According to Axis Recovery:

Because of these factors (among a number of others), the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids states that sportspeople are “more prone than the general population to substance abuse.”

The three factors referenced in the above quote are:

  • An addiction to performance-enhancing substances
  • An addiction to stimulants to alleviate depression
  • An addiction to prescription painkillers

There are understandable reasons why professional athletes make self-destructive life choices. In no way is this intended to be a judgmental observation. But it seems like the last type of person you want to set up as role models for kids is the kind with ample reason to turn to drugs and alcohol as a necessary evil for getting through the day.

Beyond substance abuse, there are other habits one might not be comfortable encouraging such as gambling and sexually irresponsible behavior. Many of the behaviors of professional athletes can be attributed to the fact that they are all young. Professional athletes tend to retire in their early to mid-thirties, much younger depending on the sport. They often went from rags to riches overnight, without any prior sense of responsibility. Even under the best of circumstances, they are going to make a lot of bad decisions that others simply cannot afford to make. This is the recipe for an unlikely role model. Read the rest of this entry →

Companies That Offer Property Management In Ocala 0

Posted on July 14, 2015 by John Harris

OcalaThose who own property know that managing even one location is often an unenviable task. Mix in a second, third or fourth location and it is easy to see why so many property owners are resorting to professional management teams.

There is a lot more involved in handling a property than merely collecting the rent. Repairs pop up constantly. Tenants always seem to have new questions and concerns. Whether the issue is general maintenance, standardized contracts, property accounting complications or renovations, the work just does not end! This is precisely why more and more building owners are leaning on Retail Solutions Advisors for property management in Ocala.

The Retail Solutions Advisors management group handles the day to day minutia of properties. From collections to accounts receivable, signage installation, emergency services, cost containment and the supervision of property vendors, Retail Solutions Advisors does it all. This is the perfect team of people for busy property owners to lean on. Retail Solutions Advisors makes property management in Ocala incredibly easy thanks to its contemporary Yardi Voyager reporting software. This state of the art program empowers the team to accurately gauge and quantify the useful life of assets. It makes life easier for property owners as well as the management team.

Let’s face facts: managing a shopping center, apartment complex or other commercial property is quite the hassle in 2015. Detailed books must be kept, maintenance and inspections must be performed, repairs are never-ending and compliance reports need to be generated on a regular basis. These are not the types of tasks that property owners had in mind when they purchased their assets. Thanks to Retail Solutions Advisors, property management in Ocala is no longer something to dread. The majority of the work is completed on an owner’s behalf so that he can focus on reinvesting the profits or matters of more pressing concern. This is property management as it should be.

Sports Betting Can Be Easy and Fun 0

Posted on June 26, 2015 by Masoom Anwar

sports-bettingHave pleasure in betting with the help of bookmakers

Sport betting is the most popular entertainment in all over the world. The creation of betting in every sport changes the real nature of every sport. Once you enter into the internet world you can see different type of strategies in betting. In the past days if you like to contribute in the culture of betting you want to work out with more time and effort. You want to visit the nearby bet retail store and after that you want to make a purchase on some equipment for betting activity. In the recent days with less effort you can effortlessly obtain more amounts in betting action. After the completion of age eighteen you can involve in sports betting as it is a rule.  If you make a sincere research in online you can find more number of betting websites that is specially meant for the customer satisfaction. With the use of sports bookies you can take pleasure in betting game.

Promising betting activity in online

A person who is warm of bookies can make use of online resource so that it can enhance the chance of winning in bet. Bet365 is the promising betting agency which is involved as important part in all betting games. If you like to join as the member in this website you want to sign up as a new account holder therefore you can get the free bet options. In this website you can identify more essential information about the betting and their rules and regulations. In the recent days most of the people like to enjoy the real pleasure in the sports betting. This website offers you to bet on casino games and also in other types of games with simple betting choices. You can earn more bonus options in the free betting so that more number of users getting into the world of sports bet. Read the rest of this entry →

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