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Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Posted on August 18, 2011 by Teddy Bailey

Recent "scandals" have brought up the topic of paying Collegiate Athletes.

This offseason has been by far the worst offseason in the history of College Football. USC and Ohio State have broken NCAA regulations and the allegations surrounding Miami (though not yet proven) are even worse. These situations, along with many others in recent years, beg the question as to whether college athletes should be paid.

Here’s the answer:

This a tough question, because everyone wants to see their favorite team out on the field and winning games, not being inspected and searched by the NCAA, but college athletes should NOT be paid or rewarded beyond what they already receive.

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

  • No (58%, 29 Votes)
  • Yes (26%, 13 Votes)
  • Only DI-A Football and DI Basketball Players (16%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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It’s simply absurd. These athletes like, Reggie Bush, Terrelle Pryor and Miami QB Jacoby Harris are living a dream. Really. Most of us have to pay full time tuition and board, not including scholarships. Most of us don’t get national attention if we win a math competition every week. The luxuries that these amateur athletes get! Sure, everyone wants more money, and a 20-year-old always needs it, but selling rings, cars or other memorabilia is already unnecessary. They’re in college, not the hall of fame.

Another reason the NCAA should not pay college athletes is the dilemma that has been on my mind. Whom do you pay? Do you pay the top football and basketball stars? How about the 4th String Quarterback? How about a Division 1 squash player? These questions need to be answered before any serious action occurs. You can’t pay every single NCAA athlete, or the NCAA would go broke to the tenth degree. It’s a huge question that still has no answer.

These star athletes who are creating havoc, are going to be paid thousand, millions in a couple years! Once you step on the field for Alabama, Ohio State or Texas, you already have a contract waiting for you at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Getting paid 4K a year, is nothing compared to what Julio Jones, Cam Newton or Patrick Peterson just signed for. That shows that this money could actually become not relevant to the star athlete.

It seems to me that the recent “scandals” or infractions, have come on the football side of things. There hasn’t been much talk of the “death penalty” or infractions since, well the whole USC mess and Kentucky basketball.

Instead of money, the NCAA needs to send a message. This is school. Inform players, coaches and boosters that these infractions will not be tolerated. Severe punishments must be in place for these players, and programs.

Hopefully, this money nonsense will turn back around and walk home.

Remember, this is college.

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