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Posted on August 08, 2013 by Daniel Lofthouse
Events like the Tough Mudder help fitness buffs get back to the basics.

Events like the Tough Mudder help fitness buffs get back to the basics.

Fitness technology is unarguably developing at an exciting pace: Mobile phones, such as the Samsung S4 are able to provide a holistic record of your sleeping patterns, daily exercise output, heart rate and more. Garmin watches can track how fast and how far you run. Of course, the gym remains the place that harnesses the latest of technology all under one roof.

Yet, alongside the penchant for virtual personal trainers and hyperreal fabrics, there exists a demand for more classic, tried and tested approaches to exercise. This might be a reflection of the fact that technology, with its obvious advantages, remains potentially unreliable. Moreover, the latest technology advancements can be alienating, or simply distracting from the enjoyment of recreational exercise. The appeal of this informed ‘back to basics’ approach is evident in the continual revival of fitness classes. Classes such as circuit training, spinning, bootcamp and dance have increased in popularity due to a demand for creative, rather than innovative, exercise options. Similarly, traditional endurance events, such as the Tough Mudder challenge reflect this desire for fuss- free programs that guarantee results.

Perhaps the most future- savvy companies are the ones working to harness the contemporary with the classic. At Surf Set Fitness in New York wannabe- surfers follow a class on imitation boards, which successfully replicate the resistance of waves and paddling.  The class appeals to fitness fanatics who want to reap the benefits of an- otherwise unavailable- natural workout, without compromising on quality. Likewise, gym suppliers, The Fitness Warehouse, have successfully launched ‘The Gym Gear- M Sport Magnetic’ bike, which couples a magnetic braking system with a belt driven transmission meaning less maintenance is required. This harnessing of modern design, with an overriding simplicity creates a forward thinking piece of equipment that is modern, yet fuss- free.

It is undeniable that with today’s growing awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle, there has been a surge in interest in alternative forms of exercise. Even aspiring athletes are adapting their regimes to involve the cross- training potential of a varied cross- fit class over another, repetitive, track session. However, it becomes apparent that technology has a part to play in making more creative, seemingly simple, fitness options viable. The most successful fitness trends are those that fuse a tried and tested formula with the latest technological advancements.

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